At Your Service

We are happy to arrange for your select pieces to be brought to the comfort of your own home for a private viewing. Please contact us on or +971501224030 for scheduling.

If you purchased an item from an outside retailer and would like to return or exchange it, you must bring the item to the original retailer where it was purchased. We are only responsible for pieces purchased directly from

» Return and exchange policy (PDF)

  • All Gafla Jewellery purchases are gift wrapped in silk wraps/cloth
  • A typed personalised message can be included at client’s request
  • Fresh floral arrangements can also be ordered and included in the gift package

Clients should contact Gafla Sales to inquire about the various Gift Voucher offers we can provide.

  • Cleaning services
    • Recommendation for clients to bring in jewellery annually to have them checked and restored/cleaned
    • Inspection of the piece will be done to ascertain which services Gafla recommends
    • Simple steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning will be complimentary within the first year of purchase of the jewellery. This does not include restringing of pearls or corals in the Bahar Collection
  • Polishing Services
    • This service may include Rhodium plating for white gold jewellery
  • Engraving services
    • Jewellery can be personalised with engraving services but is subject to space availability and technical constraints
    • Has to be requested at time of purchase
    • If client would like personal jewellery to be engraved by Gafla, it can be done with a chargeable fee
  • Resizing services
    • Resizing of jewellery size can be done with limitations, client needs to inquire with Gafla Sales Team to determine if a particular jewellery piece can be sized down or up without affecting the design or aesthetics of the piece
  • Repair Service
    • Should a Gafla Jewellery piece be damaged because of improper handling, client should refrain from wearing it and send to Gafla Jewellery for inspection
    • Gafla will be inspecting the item and repairing; missing components or precious stones may be replaced and broken parts may be repaired.
    • Once Gafla identifies what services need to be done on a damaged piece, a quotation will be given to the client before Gafla starts on the Repair Service
    • Upon accepatance of quotation, Gafla will carry out the services as quickly as possible
  • Pearl and Coral Restringing Services
    • Whether worn often or not, we recommend an annual pearl or coral restringing service as the threads used can be worn out over time.
    • Pearls or corals will also be cleaned and inspected. Pearls or corals that have lost their lustre will be replaced to ensure the beauty of your Bahar piece
    • Pearl/Coral restringing charges are applicable