Best rings as a gift

A ring is a present most people hold close to their hearts. It’s typically used as a symbol of intimacy and affection we share with other people, the pinnacle of our undying love for them. Perhaps it's because the circular shape represents eternity, but a ring is a gift that people statistically keep for a lifetime.

So it’s important to find the perfect ring to gift your loved one. You want a ring that is stylish but meaningful, on-trend but also suits their individual aesthetic.

Most of all, you want a ring that represents the value they hold in your life. You also want to give them something that lasts, but won't break the bank. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a perfect, unique ring gift but it's all made easy with the guide down below.

II. Types of Rings

There are different rings one can give others to represent the depth of your relationship.

Promise rings: This is usually the precursor to engagement rings. They represent the promise made between two people in a relationship who intend to marry each other at some point. If you've been dating for some time, and want to get your partner a symbol of your commitment to them, a promise ring is an ideal personal present.

While they're crafted in diamond, gold, and silver, promise rings tend to be less expensive and elaborate than engagement or wedding rings. Popular promise ring styles use the solitaire diamond (mimicking an engagement ring) or a golden knot band to represent intertwined fates. Gafla's Salasil Ring in Rose Gold is classic promise ring, featuring a glittering solitaire diamond and an intricately woven band.

Engagement rings: These are the ultimate promise ring because it signifies that two people are going to be bound in matrimony. An engagement ring is typically offered by a man to the woman he is going to spend his life with and it is a symbol of undying love. It's worn on the fourth finger of the right hand, to further highlight its importance.

Engagement rings are some of the most expensive types of rings and usually involve a painstaking process to pick the right one.

Our top pick for the engagement ring is the Tiffany Round Solitaire Diamond Ring with Yellow Gold Band.

Wedding Rings: An engagement ring usually leads to a wedding ring. This gift joins two to become one family and reflects one of the most important moments of your life. Picking a striking ring can help you uniquely memorialize the moment.

To set yourself apart, go for Vintage Rings like Victoria Beckham's solitaire cut marquise diamond. Read more about wedding rings here.

Graduation ring: Believe it or not, a graduation ring is worn on the same finger as the engagement ring. This ring is given by parents or older family members to teens who are graduating high school or college. They can also be an insignia organized by the school or class itself to preserve their precious moments. Graduation rings are a symbol of achievement, school pride, and memories from one of the focal points of your life.

Graduation rings usually have a gem on a thicker band with engravings of the year and class that graduated (example Class of 2023). You can craft custom-made graduation rings at several local stores in Dubai.

Birthstone ring: Each month is represented by a unique gem. A birthstone ring takes the gem from the month one was born and transforms it into a unique, personalized piece. It’s an artistic type of ring for those who value spirituality and believe these stones hold energies that help them daily.

The birthstone ring also adds a notable whimsy to your style and shows off your individuality.

Natural Gemstones Dubai has an amazing selection of gemstone rings, which can be custom-made just for you.

III. Popular Ring Styles in Dubai

Traditional Arabic-inspired Ring:

One of the reigning ring designs in Dubai is the traditional Arabic ring.

These rings are noted for having a very thick band and a rounded top with Arabic symbols engraved on them. There are popular variations of this style, including the Arabic name ring, and the gold coin ring- the latter of which is an ancient coin crafted into jewelry.

Gafla Jewelry does a variation of this with the Sak coinage necklaces. With these, Gafla artisans take antique Emirati coins and transform them into stunning jewelry pieces. This is one fantastic idea for a gorgeous, unique gift ring.

Modern minimalist styles: These are the more classic ring styles you’ll find at most stores all around the world. In Dubai, we recommend stores that are affordable and known for having quality jewelry like Liali Jewelry and Damas. Nevertheless, we recommend that when going for minimalistic rings, you still need to choose designs that has unusually colored metals (i.e pink gold) or interesting architecture that sets the ring apart from the rest.

For a unique, minimalistic piece, check out the Damas Amelia Ring in 18K Yellow Gold.

Luxury Brands: There are a few luxury brands with signature styles that are iconic in Dubai. The Tiffany T-square necklace comes to mind, and so does the Cartier band. These are gifts that have international appeal and value.

Culture and religion also have an impact on the ring you choose. When gifting a ring to a practicing Muslim, go with silver metal and a more modest design. Christians appreciate modesty as well, and may prefer rings with a cross symbol.

It all depends on who is recieving the gift, which is why you must study your loved one at length, before selecting the best gift for them.

IV. How to Choose the Right Ring

Personality: This is the most important aspect of choosing a gift for someone. Think about their personality. Do they love designer statement rings or are they more of a minimalist? Would they love something cool and classy or warm and whimsical? All this is a deciding in factor in where you shop.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle is also an important consideration. Do they work with their hands a lot? Don’t pick a ring style that gets in the way. Instead, get them something small and light, that can easily be pulled off when need be. If your loved one is someone constantly on the move, they may not wear a flashy ring for fear they will lose it. Try to pick pieces that reflect their needs, not something that will get in their way.

Price: Getting the most expensive ring isn't always the best idea. If a ring is too expensive, the reciever may not wear it too often, for fear that they don't lose it. Rather, pick a ring that is durable, valuable, and affordable.

There are a few other factors to keep in mind.

Ring size: Make sure you know the person’s finger size before selecting the ring. If you do get it wrong though, no worries, they can always have it resized. Still, there's another measurement to consider: Do they prefer thicker or thinner bands? Thicker bands suit slimmer fingers, but thinner bands can be elongating for short fingers.

Metal type: The most famous ring metals are gold and silver. Gold is typically favored because of its distinct glowy effect but silver is a classy and versatile option. Gold is better for warm complexions while silver shimmers on cool tones. Both metals are very durable. We've written more about the difference between a gold and silver ring in this article.

V. Where to Buy Rings in Dubai

Where to buy a ring would depend on your budget and your beloved's aesthetic.

For someone who has an eye for luxury, visit any of the top Dubai Malls for your choice of luxury brands. To make the gift more meaningful, follow the road less traveled and don’t choose the classic styles. Instead, search for their niche pieces that speak to you or reflect their personality. Examples of stand out pieces are Chanel's Camelia ring and Bottega Veneta men's cord silver ring.

If your loved one is more into traditional, Arabic styles check out Gafla Jewelry for pioneering historic designs. You can’t get any more unique than combining traditional and futuristic techniques to create beautiful, innovative rings that symbolize Emirati culture. The best thing about Gafla is that their rings champion Emirati heritage while being still being chic and stunning.

Traditional Souks also have stores where you can find unique pieces. People tend to sell and buy jewelry in the Gold Souk, so it's a great place to find a vintage, never-before-seen ring at a bargain price.

You can further personalize a ring by adding inscriptions or insignia to represent your affection for this person. Think a heart or a saying dear to your heart. You can also custom-make the ring entirely, by taking a gem or coin that is important to the two of you and transforming it into unique jewelry. A few stores like Gafla and Hiba Jaber offer this.

VI. Conclusion

When it comes to selecting unique jewelry for your loved one, you can’t be hands-off and casual about it. It's often a process that starts with understanding your special one and ends with finding something they adore for a lifetime. Keep them at the forefront of your mind when making the choice, so you can select something that neither of you regret.