Bracelets are an underrated but vital fashion accessory. Some people choose to leave their wrists naked without realizing they’re missing out on a fantastic way to complete a hanging outfit. Going sans bracelet isn’t a fashion faux pas, but some outfits can feel unfinished without them.

      Though most jewelry focuses on the face, the bracelet is a defining adornment of the hand a lot which means they’re seen in every handshake, wave, and gesture. They subtly add grace and refinement to our actions.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in Dubai.

      Brief overview of bracelet trends in Dubai

      In 2023, Dubai jewelry trends toward maximalist, sophisticated, and bold design. Design must be both luxurious and expressive, intentional in its bold architecture. Meaning is key. Even the ever-popular tennis bracelet is often layered with more pieces to display uniqueness.

      To understand why let’s discuss the long history of the bracelet and how it became such a misunderstood accessory.

      1. History of Bracelets

      Bracelets date back to our most primitive history. Ancient ruins have revealed bangles fashioned from wood and stone as far back as 40,000 years ago. Through most cultures, they played a significant decorative and symbolic role. Egyptians wore gold bracelets for fashion and Greek warriors wore leather ones to protect their wrists during battle.  Roman soldiers also wore gold bracelets to demonstrate their bravery in battle. China was popular for Jade bracelets that were symbols of protection and parental love.

      While bracelets are typically taken off at the end of the day, some are more permanent. In some Indian cultures, married women wear their bracelets for the rest of their lifetime, only broken in case her husband dies.

      Throughout history, there were very few cultures where the bracelet wasn’t in fashion.

      As with earrings, the popular adornments fell out of favor in Europe during the middle ages. Nevertheless, in the middle east, it became popular for women to adorn themselves with multiple bracelets, layered intentionally to enhance to beauty and grace of the wearer.

      At the time, European societies viewed this as a sign of promiscuity and often sexualized middle eastern women as a result. Still, the tradition persisted. The fact that the bracelet tenaciously survived this misconception is proof of its unquestionable significance. In a way, the Emirati bracelet represent a culture that fought and succeeded in preserving their symbols and meanings against outside influence.

      III. Types of Bracelets in Dubai

      • Traditional Emirati bracelets

      Emirati bracelets are an integral part of the culture, and their symbols are as important. Dubai is known for its exquisite golden jewelry and women often don them in 21 K to denote their affluence. Unlike western cultures who wear bracelets around the wrists, Emirati women adorn the entire arm with gold. It can be worn on the upper arm, around the foot, or on the wrist. While gold is th most popular traditional bracelet material, there are a variety of styles that feature other metals like silver and copper.

      • Popular contemporary bracelet styles in Dubai

      These are the current bracelet trends in Dubai.

      Tennis bracelet

      The tennis bracelet is one of the more popular bracelets lauded by celebrities and socialites alike. It’s a malleable metallic bracelet studded with precious gemstones. They’re an exquisite addition to any ensemble and can be quite expensive, particularly in their most popular iteration-the diamond tennis bracelet. Nevertheless, if you want an eye-catching stunner, this is the bracelet for you. This is a bracelet that speaks of your worth when you enter the room, that captures attention with your every move. This isn't the bracelet for a frumpy T-shirt and jeans-get the full effect by pairing it up with an equally dazzling outfit.

      Charm bracelets

      Charm bracelets, like their name, reflect an individual’s personality and unique charisma. They’re a type of chain bracelet that is adorned with pendants known as charms. Here is where the individual’s character comes into play- because selecting the charms that go on the bracelet is perhaps the mose important part of owning the bracelet.

      Each charm must be meaningful and intentionally chosen to pair well with other charms on the same bracelet. The charms can be whimsical and fun, or sophisticated and feminine depending on your preference. A charm bracelet goes well with many different types of outfits because it's more about the substance of the bracelet than anything else. This bracelet is also a thoughtful gift for a friend or family and it will be something they can treasure for a lifetime.

      Beaded Bracelet

      A beaded bracelet is simply a bracelet made from beads on a string. These were initially only popular in certain cultures but are now gaining worldwide acknowledgment due to their fun, exotic appeal. They’re a light and youthful bracelet and can act as a statement on a more casual outfit.

      Bangle Bracelet

      Bangles are a bracelet that is set in rigid circle typically made out of silver and gold. The bangle is one of the most versatile and wearable types of bracelet due to its simple design. They’re a great staple and a sleek addition to any outfit.

      Cuff Bracelet

      A cuff bracelet is stiff like the bangle but typically has a clasped opening that makes it easier to put it on or take off. They tend to have a bolder design than the average bangle and come in both thin and thick variety.

      Pearl Bracelet

      A pearl bracelet appears similar to a beaded bracelet, but has pearls on the string instead of beads. Like the tennis bracelet, this necklace bestows dignity on the wearer due to how precious a pearl is. Still, a pearl bracelet can maintain the fun appeal of a beaded bracelet.

      Slider Bracelet

      A slider bracelet is a bracelet made from a metallic string that allows the wearer to draw the string tighter or looser for different fits. This is a comfortable bracelet that is also incredibly versatile. Dress it up or dress it down, it will still have you looking incredibly chic and fabulous regardless.

      Chainlink Bracelet

      A chainlink bracelet is how it sounds. A series of linked chains around the wrist. It’s a sophisticated design but it also has an edginess that makes it suitable for cooler, bolder looks. More about chain bracelets here.

      Wrap Bracelets

      Wrap bracelets are made to be wrapped around the wrist several times before they’re clasped. They’re a great way to get a cohesive, stacked bracelet look without wearing multiple bracelets.

      When it comes to bracelet types, aim for versatile designs. Although uniqueness is admired, simplicity might be best for a staple piece. After all, you want your first purchases to be something you can wear all the time with practically anything.

      The next step is to think about where to get these bracelets. Here, there are an endless amount of choices. If you have the money, signature luxury bracelets are a good investment to make.

      • Luxury bracelet brands and their unique styles

      Cartier is one of the most popular luxury bracelet brands, known for their simple gold bangles with ‘screws’ engraved on them. The Cartier Love bracelet is a timeless look, that also has a pretty meaningful history. Think of it as an ode to the romantic woman. The best thing about these bracelet is that you can add extra engravings for an added cost and can get them fitted to your exact wrist measurements. They’re a lovely, intimate jewellery that can be worn with just about anything.

      Celine is known for their Celine Knot Clasp bracelet. Once again, the simple design means that it will go with practically every outfit you own. The knot is also shaped like a heart, giving the bangle a uniquely profound signature

      Another popular bracelet is by David Yurman and it’s a cable cuff. This is a bolder bracelet with a design resembling a cable wrapped around the bangle and a blunted triangular gold end. This classic fit has an edginess to it, but it’s still an incredibly adaptable bracelet.

      If you’re on the hunt for a daring chain bracelet, the Dior Danseuse is one that critics are loving. With the signature CD at the center of the bracelet, the chain is classically Dior, from its curved lines to its bold letters, displaying the power of the audacious woman.

      Another popular chain bracelet is by Louis Vuitton, with their Essential V bracelet. Once again, a simple design with the iconic V is all you need to send a message that this is a bracelet for a woman who's not afraid to take chances and look stylish while doing it.

      And of course, we can’t forget the classic Hermes clasp bracelet. A designer like no other, Hermes made the bracelet for the woman who has everything she could possibly want. Hermes consistently trends as one of the most exclusive brands in the world and owning a Hermes bracelet is the ultimate status symbol. They're also excellent quality, stylish bracelets on their own merit.

      1. Materials Used in Bracelets

      • Different types of metals and materials used in bracelet making

      Throughout history, an abundance of materials have been used for bracelet making, many more than can be reasonably discussed. Seriously, humans have tried everything from wood to grass to even animal bones. More recently though, bracelets are popularly made in gold and silver, with silver being the most common bracelet material. Gold is still frequently worn in Dubai during festive occasions.  Bracelets also often come studded with gemstones or a combination of materials.

      1. Caring for Your Bracelet

      Like most other jewelry, bracelets should be handled with care. Carefully clean them with a soft cloth, warm water, and only a little mild soap. Once cleaned, dry with cloth and store away in an area with ample space for your bracelet to sit undisturbed. This is vital for elongating the lifespan of your bracelets. For more precious pieces, consider a jewelry stand so your bracelets don’t scratch against each other.

      Here are a few things that you absolutely shouldn’t do with your bracelets, especially if they're metal-based.

      Don’t take it to a beach or a pool. It could get lost or potentially react with the salt-water.

      Keep it away from with such as lotion perfumes, and sunscreen. Only wear your bracelet after these have completely dried on your skin.

      Avoid doing strenuous physical activity with your bracelet, if you can help it. Not only will working out cause you to sweat on them, but it’s also easier for them to get scuffed.

      But the most vital thing to do is to get quality bracelets from trusted places in the first place. Here are the best places to buy a bracelet.

      1. Buying a Bracelet in Dubai

      • Best places to buy bracelets in Dubai

      There are endless options and spots where you can find great jewelers. Any of the luxury stores mentioned above are known for their iconic bracelets, but they may be out of your budget. Hence, we’ve gathered together stores where you can get luxury quality bracelets at a more affordable price.

      Gafla Jewelers brings you bracelets that are innovative and classic, looking to the past and future at the same time. They take elements of Emirati culture, infusing them with visionary architecture to create mesmerizing designs. Their bracelets are known for their master craftsmanship and bold geometric design, with untold versatility and symbolism. Get every bracelet you need here, in classic styles with just a little bit extra.

      Kanz Jewellers is another Emirati store well known for their beautiful bracelets. You can find several chains in gold, silver, and diamond and their chain bracelets have a unique whimsy to them.

      Jawharaa Jewellers are also known for bracelets with unique charms on them. You can get bracelet with your initials or a meaningful symbol. These bracelets are also stylish and multifaceted.

      And of course, there is the famous Dubai Gold Souk, an traditional market where you can find all manner of authentic gold jewelry. It’s important to note that, in the Gold Souk, prices aren’t fixed and are always up for negotiation. Here are a few tips on how to get the best deals.

      • Tips for negotiating prices and getting the best deals

      The first key for any negotiation is to research what exactly it is you’re buying and how to buy it. This means that you should have an idea of how many karats you want to buy, what they typically sell for, and even the current economic climate. It’s also a great idea to get a feel of the place and know which stores are more welcome to negotiators. The key is to ask around, and make conversations with neutral parties taking their suggestions into consideration. Sometimes small talk can lend tidbits that can be used for negotiation

      Most importantly, you also need to set yourself an upper limit for what you’re willing to spend and start at a price well below that. Try not to be swayed as the salesmen can be very persuasive. Still, stick to your guns, and don’t be afraid to walk away during negotiation. Remember, you can always come back later and buy it later.

      But if this is too overwhelming for you and you want a more straightforward customer service, any of the other stores mentioned above might be more your speed.


      VII. Conclusion

      • Recap of the importance of bracelets as a fashion accessory

      A bracelet is one fashion accessory that you can’t go wrong with. Layered or simple, they very rarely detract rather than add to an outfit. It’s easy to get lost in the diversity of options in Dubai. But it’s important to use what you know to get the best bracelet for you. Remember that bracelets have been a vital accessory for centuries for a reason. It only takes the educated buyer, to unlock their true potential.


      Bracelets are an underrated but vital fashion accessory. Leaving your wrists naked means missing out on a fantastic way to complete an unfinished outfit. Though most jewelry focuses on the face, the bracelet is a defining adornment of the hand a lot which means they’re seen in every handshake, wave, and gesture. They subtly add grace and refinement to our actions.  Nowhere is this more obvious than here in Dubai.

      Gafla provides every single type of bracelet to suit your bracelet needs. Maximalist and unique or minimalist and chic? Single or layered? We've got you covered on all fronts.

      Want to step out in style? Our Salasil diamond bracelet is an instant show-stopper. This is a bracelet that speaks of your worth when you enter the room, that captures your attention with your every move. This eye-catching stunner of a bracelet is the ultimate status symbol and will complete an equally dazzling outfit.

      Pick up one of our more versatile chains and bangles for the everyday look. The Season of Love bracelet flirts with your inner romantic while the Thumani bracelet is unique and chic.

      In Dubai's current trend of seeking bold, colorful design, Gafla is continuously innovating to create never-before-seen pieces. They bring you bracelets that are innovative and classic, looking to the past and future at the same time. They take elements of their Emirati culture infusing them with visionary architecture to create mesmerizing designs. Their bracelets are known for their master craftsmanship and bold geometry, with untold symbolism to add extra value. And we give you the classic styles too, just with a little bit more.

      Luxury pieces without the luxury price tag, Gafla bracelets are a must-have.

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