Dubai is home to countless luxury brands and five-star experiences. But while it hosts a globalized community, there is an increasing desire for jewelry that celebrates Emirati cultures and tradition. The UAE is home to some of the oldest jewelers in the world and has a very distinct style that symbolizes its rich, culturally diverse history- a combination of Arabic, Ottoman, and Indian influences. Rings are a one type of jewelry that bears historic and traditional significance in Dubai culture.

      When buying a ring in Dubai, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choice. It’s also difficult to differentiate authentic, classic pieces from glitzy, gimmicky ones. Most people need a guide on how to get the most bang for their buck by getting jewelry that is stunning and meaningful, timeless and innovative. Rings can be a very expensive, life-changing purchase so we’ve also listed jewelry brands that offer affordable options to match any occasion.

      Here's how to pick a ring you won't regret.

      II. Types of Rings in Dubai

      • Traditional Rings

      To begin, there are two types of rings to buy in Dubai. The first is the traditional ring. They are used to mark important cultural moments and festive occasions. At traditional weddings, gold rings are worn by Emirati brides to symbolize their family's influence. There is also the shahid ring, worn on the index finger as a reminder of daily prayers. In Dubai, antiques are back in vogue, and preserving tradition through jewelry is essential. Therefore, it is more and more common to see young Emiratis wearing styles that emulate those in their rich history.

      • Modern Rings

      Even modern rings in Dubai are inspired by ancient styles. With modern rings, designs are frequently minimalist, but can also be elaborate. For example, geometric patterns reminiscent of architecture are particularly popular these days.

      The most common materials used in rings are gold, silver, and platinum. There are advantages and disadvantages to each material.

      Gold doesn’t rust, is easy to wear (light), and is more affordable than platinum. However, it is also more expensive than silver and pure gold can’t be used to make jewelry. Gold is commonly combined with other metals to form variations like yellow gold, white gold, green gold, and rose gold. These are often used for everyday, wearable rings. Find out more about gold rings here!

      Sterling silver is another affordable choice for rings but it is less tarnish resistant than gold. It is often used for trendy pieces that are worn occasionally. Our suggestions for silver rings are here.

      Platinum is the rarest material for jewelry. It's one of the purest, most durable and strongest metals. While it is the most expensive metal, it is still a popular choice for wedding rings because platinum lasts a lifetime.

      III. Buying Rings in Dubai

      • Popular shops in Dubai for buying rings

      There are an overwhelming number of spots in Dubai to purchase rings. Jewelers are recommended because they typically have the highest quality and most genuine rings. Maintaining a relationship with a jeweler also means that you are afforded special deals and regular cleaning appointments for your rings. Popular shops for buying modern-style rings in Dubai are Cartier, Bvlgari, and Tiffany and Co. If you're looking for more symbolic pieces that hold a traditional appeal, Gafla and Damas may be more your style.

      • Tips for buying rings in Dubai

      Here’s what to consider when buying a ring:

      Budget- Budget is one of the most important factors to determine the type of ring you get. However, price is not always the best judge of value. You can get exquisite rings at various price points and brands constantly feature both high-end and affordable pieces with their collections.

      Personal style- When selecting jewelry, judge any of our recommendations against your personal taste. Value is relative and a piece is only ‘good’ when it matches your needs exactly. For example, to choose jewelry that complements your skin tone, consider whether you have a warm or cooler undertone. Gold tends to look better on the former while silver looks better on the latter. There are also other stylistic factors- such as a preference for simple or ornate pieces- that come into play when choosing a ring.

      Purpose of the ring- Here another questions to ask: Is this ring going to be worn every day, like a wedding band? Then consider going for a lighter material for easier wear. Are you looking for a larger piece or an instant conversation starter? Go for unusual, artistic rings.

      Durability- How long do you want the ring to last? Most would like jewelry that lasts forever, but some may only need a piece for a season. This is where the material and design plays a major role. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a platinum ring you only wear a few times. Additionally, if you want to use a ring for years, consider a design that has more longevity.

      • Average cost of rings in Dubai

      As mentioned, price is a leading factor in determining what ring brand to buy from. In Dubai, rings can range from as low as 280 AED (77 USD) to well into the millions. Simple, occasional-wear pieces tend to be more affordable than wedding and engagement rings. Nevertheless, at each price point, there are rings to suit every need and event.

      IV. Significance of Rings in Dubai Culture

      • Rings for weddings

      There are two different types of weddings in Emirati culture - the traditional wedding and the white wedding. Traditional weddings often feature gold jewelry and the bride's ring is typically passed down from her mother (or given by other family members). For the white wedding, a variety of materials can be used to make the ring, including platinum, diamond, and silver.

      Rings for engagements

      While wedding rings are worn on the left hand, engagement rings are worn on the right to symbolize the promise made. Engagement rings can be an extremely expensive purchase. Most couples spend over 22,000 AED ($6,000) on engagement rings. Their high cost is because an engagement ring marks one of the most monumental moments in life. As such, they are arguably the most important type of ring one can buy.

      • Rings for special occasions

      Apart from weddings and engagements, rings are often used to depict other aspects of culture. They can be a religious artifact, a family heirloom, or a source of nostalgia.

      Read more about wedding and other occasion jewelry here.

      V. Top Ring Brands in Dubai

      Here are the top ring brands in Dubai.

      • Damas - Damas is an Emirati jeweler that has existed since 1904. It is one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in Dubai, well-known for having high-quality pieces. Damas hosts trendy rings that still retain a timeless and classy allure. Here, you can find rings that are empowering, while still reflecting elements of nature and exquisite femininity. Their ring collections are romantic, profound, and fashionable.
      • Gafla- A more recent addition to this list, Gafla designs jewelry that champions Emirati culture. Their rings have the most unique styles that are both innovative and timeless. An example is their recent collection Sak, which features coinage jewelry that honor Emirati history. In all their collections, Gafla offers one-of-a-kind rings for an affordable price.
      • Tiffany & Co.- Tiffany is a popular choice for rings in Dubai. Tiffany has an elegant, chic look and is a popular choice for engagement rings. With their youthful rebrand accentuating the beauty of the modern woman, Tiffany pieces are known to make their wearer feel like the stars of their very own movies.
      • Cartier - Originally a French watchmaker, Cartier is one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world. It’s only to be expected, after all, they’re dubbed ‘The Jeweler of Kings and King of Jewelers.' Rings bought from Cartier often feature geometric styles remniscient of lavish architecture. Cartier caters to the elite, aiming to highlight success and luxury.
      • Bvlgari - Bvlagari is an Italian jewelry company that portray Rome’s importance in the history of time. Inspired by Roman architecture, it is a jewelry brand that continuously reinvents itself while still keeping its history intact. It was established in 1884, which makes it one of the oldest designer jewelry brands in the world. With decades of design under its belt, it boasts countless unique rings with a focus on both modern and classical Latin structures. If you’re looking for cutting-edge, statement rings, then this is where you go.

      VI. Caring for Your Rings in Dubai

      Buying a ring is only the first step to owning quality jewelry. It’s equally as important to take care of your rings.

      Tips for maintaining the quality and condition of your rings.

      • Clean rings regularly with soap and warm water.
      • Take note of metals that tarnish easily, and only use fitting materials to clean them. Silver in particular is vulnerable to scratches so do not use tissues or paper towels. If you don't know how to clean your jewelry yourself, set regular cleaning appointments at your chosen jeweler.
      • Be cautious of where and when you remove your ring. Rings are small and very easy to lose so be mindful when you take them off.
      • Consider getting ring insurance. Rings can be a very pricey purchase which makes it particularly painful to lose them. Protect yourself with insurance that covers the loss or damage of the ring.
      • To Resize or Not to Resize? Quality rings can last a lifetime and are with us through many bodily changes. Before you resize your ring, consider if you might prefer its larger size in the future.

      Proper cleaning and storage techniques

      When cleaning your rings, less is more. Always use mild cleaning techniques and avoid any deep cleaning. Dipping the ring in water and a little bit of dish soap is usually all that’s needed. For tougher stains, use a soft bristle brush and scrub lightly to prevent scratching the material. Baking soda can also be used to form a paste to clean off the ring. Above all, avoid harsh chemicals that can discolor or damage the metal.

      VII. Conclusion

      Rings are an extremely important investment in Dubai. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or simply want to accentuate your style, avoid the trap of the impulse buy. Instead, consider your purchase carefully so that you can enjoy your ring without remorse.

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