Diamond rings

  • Brief explanation of the importance of a diamond ring

Nothing says classy and expensive quite like the diamond ring. This is why it’s the most sought-after option for an engagement band. Diamonds a girl's best friend' because no other ring will elevate you quite as well. While diamond rings are usually reserved for important life moments like engagements and weddings, the right person can pull off a diamond staple ring.

First, you need to understand what you’re getting when you get the diamond ring. There are different cuts, colors, and a lot of other things to consider.

II. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Diamond Ring

Diamonds are usually differentiated by their 4 C’s (on S). The first thing to consider is the cut of the diamond.

  • Cut

Most diamonds are crafted in labs, and shaped into identifiable geometric dimensions. This is called the cut of the diamond. There are several cuts but let's look at the most popular cuts of diamond rings and what they’re used for.

Round-cut diamond: This is what we think of when we consider classic wedding rings. They're the most common cut of wedding and engagement rings for good reason. Stare closely you’ll see the lines are all equidistant from the center of the diamond, creating shimmering lines on the ring. The circle also represents unity and eternal love, perfect for declaring your undying devotion. Best of all, their shape causes them to shine and glitter with a unique brilliance.

Oval cut diamond: The best way to think about these is as an elongated round diamond. They’re a more artistic rendition of the round diamond, a modern and contemporary take on a classic silhouette. These can make fantastic accompaniment for a night out and tend to look more elegant than the round cut as they slim and lengthen the fingers.

Cushion cut: This type of diamond is a multidimensional wonder. It’s like a square that is curved all around, to resemble a cushion, and the middle of the diamond dips inward for extra effect. This cut is favored because of the dynamic way light bounces off its edges and its vintage feel. The style was popular amongst the aristocracies of the 19th century and is further proof of vintage design making a comeback.

Pear cut: This teardrop shape is an even more unique type of diamond shape. It’s a combination of the oval cut and the marquise cut. It’s another great option for a vintage-themed wedding, as this style also dates back to the 15th century.

Marquise cut: This is a more affordable cut of diamond, that still retains a nice elegant feel. A marquise cut is shaped like an almond, with pointed ends and a thicker middle. It was another style that was famous in the 19th century, and has had waxing and waning popularity since then. Still, due to it's shape it's favored by those seeking a nice, periodic ring.

Heart-shaped cut: This romantic ring is the most technically difficult cut of diamonds to achieve. It requires you to not only cut and round out the edges for equal perfect curves, but you must also maintain the perfect point at the end and the middle. The result is worth it when you watch the light bounce off the shape in a dazzling, iridescent way. It requires stellar technique and that makes this one of the most unique types of diamond.


  • Carat weight

Diamonds are weighed in carats, with 1 carat equal to 200 mg. The higher the carat, the heavier and more expensive the diamond is.

  • Clarity

Every diamond contains a few internal flaws, (called inclusions) and external flaws (blemishes) that cause the gem to be not quite clear when viewed under a magnifying glass. A high-clarity diamond has no visible inclusions and blemishes and is termed flawless. This is the most expensive type of diamond and is extremely rare as a result.


A diamond is rated based on how much color it does not have. The purest diamonds have a colorless essence, like a drop of water. Some cheaper diamonds have a yellowish tinge, but the more colorless the diamond the closer it is to perfection.

  • Shape

While we explained the classic cuts, diamonds can come in even more exotic shapes. The shape depend on the cut and configuration of the diamond on the ring. Multiple diamonds can be arranged on the ring in a manner that gives it a unique form. Here are the most common diamond ring configurations:

III. Types of Diamond Rings

  • Solitaire: A solitaire diamond ring is a ring with a single diamond on it. This is the classic engagement and wedding design, where the single stone is enough to stand out on its own. To get the best out of the solitaire ring, pick a cut that refracts and disperses light in eye-catching ways.
  • Halo: A halo ring features a single diamond that is surrounded by a smaller set of diamonds called pave diamonds. While the attention is on the diamond in the center, the surrounding diamonds emphasize its brilliance.
  • Three-stone: A three-stone diamond is a trilogy of diamonds set on the ring, where they are each the same size and stand out equally. This type of style is best suited for round-cut diamonds because it creates a visually appealing symmetry. (Fun Fact: Meghan's Markle's engagement ring was a three-stone ring.)

Cluster: A cluster diamond is a group of smaller diamonds set and arranged in the center of the ring. These are usually the cheapest types of diamonds you can get because they’re smaller and easier to cut. They reflect light in a charming, twinkling pattern.

  • Vintage

Everyone has their own definition of a vintage diamond. Some use it to describe rings that were popular in the Elizabethan era. It can also describe a more cultural type of diamond. In Dubai, vintage diamonds usually had filigree detailing with thicker bands and ancient symbols on the ring.

  • Customized

A customized diamond is made exactly how you want it. You can combine designs, or even create your own to reflect your personality. Only a few jewelers offer this service, but we have listed them below ***

IV. Popular Diamond Ring Styles in Dubai

  • Traditional

Diamonds were first brought to Dubai from India but are now sourced from a variety of countries. Traditional Emirati-styled diamonds typically have diamonds formed into distinct shapes and traditional patterns. You will commonly find intricate filigree work and floral patterns on these rings. Traditional diamond rings are bold with a vintage feel to them.

  • Modern

Modern diamond rings tend to be in simpler, more international styles. Here the diamond is the main attraction of the ring and the band is simpler in design. All the rings mentioned above reflect this.

  • Arabic-inspired

It’s often said that Dubai is a mixture of different cultures, and the chief among them are Arabic and Indian. Arabic-inspired rings will have the diamonds set on a thick silver band, featuring Arabic symbols. Here the diamond is incorporated into the design, rather than being the focal point of the ring.

  • Indian-inspired

India is where the diamond was first discovered and boasts rare types of diamond. For example, he Golconda diamond is a diamond sourced from the Golconda region in India. It is one of history’s most prized possessions as the diamond became hard to find after the 19th century due to over-mining. Before that, they existed as the world's only fine diamond and during this period India was the world diamond envy. Incredibly they also found the pink diamond here, a diamond that has a naturally occurring pink hue.

Indian-inspired rings are also very elaborate, like traditional Emirati rings. Other gems might play supporting roles to add color to the ring, but the design is key. Because diamonds are cheaper in India, buying a ring in India is also pretty affordable.

V. Diamond Ring Shopping in Dubai

  • Overview of popular jewelry stores in Dubai

Tiffany and Co- Tiffany and co are the leaders in diamond rings, known for their iconic engagement and wedding rings. They're a designer luxury brand, and their most popular ring is the solitaire diamond on a yellow gold band.

Gafla Jewellery- Gafla Jewelry has unique diamond rings that mixes traditional and modern appeal. All their rings have unique Arabian and Emirati flairs, but they also have a classic feel too. Their pieces have a universal versatile appeal and they last a lifetime. Check out their Gafla Lantern Ring, with its floral kinetic design and vintage royal style.

Liali Jewellery- If you want wedding rings at an affordable price, this is where you shop. Their rings are feminine and beautiful, capable of turning you into a princess on your special day. Choose the diamond ring set in 18K rose gold for a romantic and timeless piece.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds- They're known for their cluster diamonds set in all manners of shapes and colors. Their pink gold band is also iconic and adds a unique idyllic flair to a cocktail event.

  • Tips for selecting a reputable jeweler

For the first purchase, it's best to go in person not only to confirm that the diamond is certified but also to ensure you're getting the right size and fit. It's ideal to try the ring on in-store but we understand that you may not have the time for this.

Here are a few more things that you can do when shopping online:

  1. Read reviews and testimonials. Carefully go through them and see how other customers fared with the buyer. It's also a good idea to ask around and google your location to find the best jewelry stores in your area.
  2. Check out their website to confirm their jewelry certifications. I they're certified by one of three international certification organizations, you can be sure you're getting an authentic piece.
  • Explanation of the certification process

There are three internationally recognized diamond certification agencies in the world: the GIA, HRD, and IGI. These are independent agencies where the diamond rings are sent, and tested, before being sold. The agencies provide a certificate that explains the diamond's cut, color, clarity, weight, and carat. This document then assures you that the piece you're buying is really what it's presented at. Only buy diamonds at places that provide you with this certification, to ensure that you're making a truthful purchase.

VI. Caring for Your Diamond Ring

It's important to keep your diamond rings clean, to maintain their color and value. A dirty diamond can not only ruin a look but can also cause skin irritation. Here are the steps to clean and maintain your diamonds.

  1. Clean often with warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft bristle brush. This is all you need most of the time to return your diamond's original sparkle.
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals for your diamond. They're usually unnecessary and can end up harming your ring instead.
  3. Store it in a ring box or bag where it won't scratch against your other rings.
  4. Take your ring back to the jeweler for regular maintenance appointments or to refix your gems.

VII. Conclusion

A diamond ring can be a life-changing purchase, and it's important to choose wisely. Figure out if you want a plain classic ring or one with a more traditional feel. This will inform the kind of ring you buy, and the statement you make with your jewelry.