Gold Necklace

I. Introduction

  • Brief explanation of what the article is about
  • Explanation of why gold necklaces are popular in Dubai

II. History of Gold Necklaces in Dubai

  • Historical significance of gold in Dubai
  • Introduction of gold necklaces in the region
  • Evolution of gold necklaces in Dubai

III. Types of Gold Necklaces in Dubai

  • Traditional gold necklaces in Dubai
  • Contemporary gold necklaces in Dubai
  • Popular styles of gold necklaces in Dubai

IV. Buying Gold Necklaces in Dubai

  • Where to buy gold necklaces in Dubai
  • How to choose the right gold necklace in Dubai
  • Tips for buying gold necklaces in Dubai

V. Caring for Gold Necklaces in Dubai

  • How to take care of gold necklaces in Dubai
  • Dos and don'ts for cleaning and storing gold necklaces in Dubai

VI. Conclusion

  • Summary of the article
  • Final thoughts and recommendations for buying and caring for gold necklaces in Dubai

5 Places to Buy Dubai's Best Gold Necklaces Now.

I. Introduction

Gold necklaces remain an uncontested fixture of Dubai fashion. Gold has been vital to Dubai’s economy for centuries and it has become its most popular precious material known for beautiful classic and cultural jewelry.

There’s a few reasons gold necklaces are so loved in the UAE.

A gold necklace is one of the best jewelry pieces to have because the color adds a sunkissed glow to your skin and a pop of color to a plainer dress, yet it can still act as a simple complement to many outfits. It’s difficult to find any other metal that achieves all these elements and pulls it off so fantastically. Even in its most minimal form, a gold necklace always draws the eye to the elegant lines of the neck and the graceful tilt of the head.

II. History of Gold Necklaces in Dubai

Before Dubai was known as the City of Gold and jewelry making was in its infancy, gems and silver were the notable fashion choice of the elite. Dubai exported these types of gems all over the world while growing its very own distinct style of jewelry from the various cultures that made up the area. The Gold Souk was created in the early 20th century and gold jewelry slowly grew in prominence, with elaborate pieces that spoke of Emirati culture and represented the vast beauty and diversity of the area.

Gold necklaces at the time were bold elaborate statement pieces dotted with many gems and woven in multiple layers to create stunning patterns. The most popular of these types of necklaces was the shnaf necklace, a long pendant necklace with a half-circle pendant, usually worn to festive occasions. Another popular traditional gold necklace was the murtasha choker- complex layers of textured circular gold coins and chains that exude a transformative beauty.

These days though, gold necklaces in Dubai trend more toward minimalistic, simple design, though there is a recent push to still reminisce the beautiful Emirati tradition.

III. Types of Gold Necklaces in Dubai

Gold necklaces come in many different styles according to their size and fit.

One style is the pendant necklace. A gold pendant necklace consists of a gold chain with a central point, known as the pendant. This pendant can be a design carved in more gold or a shiny colorful gem.

There's also the chain necklace. A chain necklace consists of only the gold chain, in its different varieties. Read more about different chain lengths and designs here.

Traditional Gold Necklaces

Traditional gold necklaces in Dubai come in more elaborate builds with cultural patterns woven into them. They typically bear intricate filigree work, boldly colored gems, and multilayered chains. These necklaces are so precious that they are often reserved for wedding sets and other occasion jewellry.

The significance of traditional gold necklaces in Dubai cannot be overstated. Older women often rent or lend out their wedding jewelry to brides who can't afford real gold, rather than have them go without it for their big day. This is how important it is to have a bride dripped and dazzling in gold on her big day. Preserving this culture also promotes a sense of community in the country.

Read more about wedding jewelry here.

Contemporary gold necklaces in Dubai

Contemporary gold necklaces in Dubai tend to exude refined simplicity. Most follow the typical designer palate of slender chains and only a few bold elements. Usually, you can find these types of jewelry in designer stores and malls, but a few jewelers set themselves apart by making necklaces that suit modern fashion while still bringing Emirati designs and symbols to life. Gafla Jewelry and Damas are the two jewelers who uphold this tradition, serving collections that combine heritage and style into beautiful wearable pieces.

IV. Buying Gold Necklaces in Dubai

There are endless places where you can buy necklaces in Dubai.

To cut through the noise, here are our five recommendations for places to find beautiful, stylish jewelry in Dubai that are a combination of modern and traditional design.

Gold Souk: The aforementioned Dubai Gold Souk holds many stores with gorgeous traditional and contemporary pieces at affordable prices. It’s a know-before-you-go type of experience at the Gold Souk, and you have to come armed with information and the patience to bargain.

Gafla Jewellers: As mentioned, Gafla Jewellers has a classical and cultural texture that cannot be seen anywhere else in Dubai. Their growing popularity is due to the engineered luxury and intricate craftsmanship of their pieces. The way each necklace frames and lights up the features in dramatic elegance-it's a result of art and meticulous science. Gafla's artisans carefully imbue each piece with a touch of cultural significance, while still making them contemporary enough to wear on a night out.

Damas Jewelry: Damas is a historic Emirati Jeweller with over a century of excellent quality jewelry. They have delicately feminine pieces and several collections that emphasize a connection with nature. Their pieces draw from the lines and shapes found in nature, creating holistic designs that enhance your inner beauty.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds: This is another store where you can find beautiful jewelry sets to go with your occasion. Their wedding sets offer stellar style at a great price.

Jawhara Jewelry: If you’re looking for an affordable staple pieces, Jawhara is where you go. Originating from India, their pieces have a distinctly cultural design, with gems in unique colors. While gold is relatively affordable in Dubai, Jawhara has elegant necklaces at even more of a discount. It's beauty that won't break the bank.

For a list of more contemporary places where you can find necklaces in Dubai, visit this article.

V. How to choose the right gold necklace in Dubai

Ask yourself these four questions when shopping for the ideal necklace in Dubai.

The What: What do you want? Do you prefer a traditional style or a modern one? Or something in between? What purity of metal do you want? There are different grades of gold jewelry and the durability differs per karat. While we usually recommend 14K and above, know that it is going to be pricier than going with a lower karat gold or gold-plated jewelry. This brings us to the next question.

The How: How much are you willing to pay for a piece? Setting a budget can help you narrow down your choices and understand the true value of a necklace, without being drowned by the options.

The Why: One of the most important questions is your reason for getting the piece. Is this for an event? Are you searching for everyday jewelry? Knowing the why helps you decide whether to stay classic or to go for a statement.

V. Caring for Gold Necklaces in Dubai

Here are the dos and don’ts of taking care of your gold necklace in Dubai.

Do clean regularly after use with mild soap and water.

Don't clean with harsh chemicals that could damage the gold.

Do hang it on a necklace rack so as not to get tangled.

Don’t store it in tight spots with other jewelry that could possibly tarnish or scratch the metal.

Do wear jewelry only after the chemicals in your body lotion and scents have dried.

Don’t spray perfume directly on your golden necklace.

VI. Conclusion

Gold necklaces are a fashion item that will never go out of style. It's a commodity that will appreciate in time, especially when in its more unique and cultural designs. As style gets lost in trend, it’s important to preserve fashion that is meaningful and reminiscent of our ancestral culture.

With the necklace suggestions above, you can do all that while being stylish too.