Silver bracelet

I. Introduction A. Brief description of the article topic B. Why silver bracelet is popular in Dubai C. Importance of choosing the right silver bracelet

II. Types of Silver Bracelets

III. Factors to consider while purchasing silver bracelet A. Quality of the Silver B. Style of the Bracelet C. Bracelet Size D. Pricing

IV. Where to buy silver bracelets in Dubai A. Local Markets B. Gold and Diamond Park C. Dubai Gold Souk D. Online Stores

V. Caring for your Silver Bracelet A. How to Clean Silver Bracelet B. How to Store Silver Bracelet C. How to Maintain Silver Bracelet

VI. Conclusion A. Recap of the article B. Final Thoughts C. Call-to-action to buy silver bracelet in Dubai

The Best Silver Bracelet to Buy in Dubai (2023)

I. Introduction

The silver bracelet is an ideal buy for those looking for elegant custom-made jewelry. Imagine having a signature piece to punctuate every handshake, decorate every gesture, and leave a strong impression long after you're gone. Even when ready-made, silver bracelets are an excellent versatile piece of jewelry, but you must pick the right one.

It’s important to be aware of not just the quality of silver used, but the style of the bracelet. Some types of high-quality silver are unsuitable for everyday wear. Similarly, some more elaborate bracelets can get in the way of work and are simply too heavy to carry around.

On the other hand, there are occasions when you want a bracelet that stands out. So when shopping for a silver bracelet, it's important to pick intentional pieces that are contemporary but still unique.

First, let’s break down the different types of silver bracelets you can find.

II. Types of Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets have been trending worldwide in recent years, so let’s explore the most popular iterations.

Tennis bracelet: This diamond-studded bracelet has been an iconic symbol since its first appearance in the 1920s.The bracelet style was later dubbed the tennis bracelet after tennis pro, Chris Evert, wore it to one of her matches. Since then, the tennis bracelet has enjoyed a nice reign as the ultimate status symbol and has been the subject of songs and pop culture references.

The silver tennis bracelet is made up of multiple gems studded on silver metal. It's a pretty malleable bracelet, somewhere between the softness of a chain and the stiffness of a bangle. They're perfect for pairing with formal and cocktail outfits.

Bangle: This is a rigid circular bracelet typically worn loosely around the wrist. There are two different types of bangles. The most traditional is an unbroken metal circling the wrist. Sometimes, these bangles have a clasp that allows them to be opened and closed, but once closed they form a single circular line. A cuff, on the other hand, doesn't have a clasp but has an opening somewhere on the circle making it easier to slip on and off.

Chain bracelets: These bracelets are made up of interlinking silver metal chains. Like their necklace counterparts, the chains themselves can have diverse designs that add style and dimension to the pieces. Popular examples are the rope chain bracelet, wheat chain bracelet, and Figaro chain bracelet.

Read more about the different chain styles here.

Slider bracelet: A silver slider bracelet is a soft, typically thin chain cinched together by a sliding hook that can be moved to adjust the width of the bracelet. These bracelets are typically lightweight and the perfect understated jewelry for everyday wear.

Expanding bracelet: This is a rigid bracelet like the bangle, but its structure involves latches that allow you to adjust the width of the bracelet. Like a slider bracelet, the opening of the bracelet can be changed for different fits. It is also perfect for everyday wear.

Bar bracelet: A bar bracelet is a chain bracelet, attached to a horizontal metal bar in the middle. The bar is typically made of silver too and is great for holding symbols and inscriptions.

III. Factors to consider while purchasing a silver bracelet

Apart from bracelet style, there are a few more elements to think about when buying a silver bracelet.

A. Quality of the Silver

High-purity silver is not necessarily the best option for jewelry. In fact, fine silver (99.9% silver) is not usually recommended for jewelry, because it is soft and vulnerable to tarnishing and scratching. Perhaps, it could work well for antique once-in-a-lifetime pieces but not for bracelets you want to wear frequently.

Rather than pure silver, we recommend Sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure. This silver tends to be perfect for everyday jewelry, as it's known to be highly durable and lustrous. It also gives off the perfect cool-toned sheen that most people love about silver jewelry. And if you want something even more durable, go with Argentium silver, which is similar to sterling silver, but with germanium added to further fortify the metal.

B. Style of the Bracelet

The style of the bracelet is also important to consider for two reasons. First, you want to ensure that the style goes with your overall aesthetic. Second, you want the bracelet to send a message, and have the effect you want to achieve. For example, do you want your bracelet to make a statement, or would you rather give off a laidback, effortlessly elegant vibe? Do you want something that reflects your culture? All these will decide the type of bracelet you choose.

Some bracelet styles also suit different designs better. More structured bracelets like bangles are better for bold stand-out designs. If you want the bracelet to play in the background and act as more of a complement to a softer feminine outfit, the chain bracelet is a better option.

C. Bracelet Size

Thin wrists are well-complemented by thinner bracelets. In a similar vein, thicker bracelets can have a slimming effect on rounder wrists, making them look more elegant and delicate. Similarly, bangles tend to suit thicker rounder wrists, while chain bracelets look beautiful on thinner wrists.

D. Pricing

Once again, pricing is important because it can be a predictor of value. Although you can find quality pieces at many different price points, there's a lot of time and money that goes into crafting a unique, high-grade silver bracelet, and the price often reflects that. Deciding on a budget can help you decide how much you’re willing to spend on a quality piece. Additionally, know that a high price can be justified by an extraordinary design or a bracelet quality that will last you for ages.

The final most important factor in buying a bracelet is where you buy it from.

IV. Where to buy silver bracelets in Dubai

Here are our recommendations for buying silver bracelets in Dubai.

Local Market: Local Markets are a great place to buy silver jewelry in Dubai because you can typically find unique pieces at a discount. Dubai is a major jewelry hub, and most precious metals are cheaper here than in most other places. Therefore, local markets are a prime place to go if pricing is your concern.

However, when buying from a local market, you have to take the extra step to ensure that the silver bracelet is authentic. Only buy from recommended stores and ask around to ensure you're getting a good deal. Word-of-mouth references are also vital here.

Dubai Gold Souk: Although the Gold Souk was historically known for gold jewelry, you will find lots of stores featuring silver jewelry now. This is a step up from the local market as all the jewelry here is vetted by the government for authenticity. The prices are still affordable, but you will need to bargain to get the best price.

Gold and Diamond Park: This is a row of stores on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, known for having great world-class jewelry at a decent price. It's part of the Jebel Ali Free Zone, a global free trade zone with custom fees reduced or eliminated.

Online stores: Most jewelry brands in Dubai have an online store. Nevertheless, we recommend stores that also have a physical presence, to decrease the likelihood of scams and to get better service deals. With a physical store, you will most likely get complimentary services, like getting the bracelet adjusted, fixed, or resized as needed. Here are the top stores in Dubai to find quality silver jewelry and great customer service.

Tiffany and Co: If you’re looking for contemporary chains, with layers of beauty then Tiffany and Co has you covered. This is an iconic brand that

elevates your status, with silver bracelets that have you looking like a movie star.

Gafla Jewellers- Gafla has dynamic and vibrant chains and bangles dripping with elegance and a touch of tradition. You can clearly see the articulate and deliberate thought in all their pieces, which are designed to exude a bold avant-garde appeal.

Sanaa Silver - If you want custom-made pieces at an affordable price, this is where you go. They're known for having stellar customer service and work diligently with their clients to ensure they give you a piece that truly reflects you.

V. Caring for your Silver Bracelet

Making sure your silver bracelet lasts as long as possible is a three-fold process that involves cleaning, storage, and maintenance of the bracelet.

A. How to Clean Silver Bracelet

The first thing to remember is to avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your bracelet. Only clean with a mild soap mixed with water. Soak the bracelet in this solution for about five minutes, and then rinse it off after. Then dry with a soft silver cloth. Be careful when employing any other DIY cleaners, because it might cause the metal to chip off or scratch even more. For expensive pieces, it might be better to take the bracelet to the jeweler for cleaning.

B. How to Store Silver Bracelet

Store your bracelet in an open area that isn't too humid. The silver also needs ample space to move so it’s not scratched by other metals.

C. How to Maintain Silver Bracelet

Take your bracelet to a trusted jeweler for maintenance. They should be able to fix most dents and refix any gems that came off. They can also polish the silver to return it to its original shine.

VI. Conclusion

Silver bracelets have been a historical fashion statement and nowhere is this more apparent than in Dubai. Then decorate the hands of the elite and present a powerful statement about one's culture and personal style. Honestly, it's a great idea to own at least one silver bracelet, especially one in a unique style and great quality. Explore the best silver bracelets for you today.