Silver necklace

I. Introduction

  • Brief explanation of the article topic and its purpose
  • Explanation of why silver necklaces are popular in Dubai

II. Types of Silver Necklaces in Dubai

  • Different styles of silver necklaces available in Dubai
  • Popular designs and motifs

III. Choosing the Right Silver Necklace in Dubai

  • Factors to consider when choosing a silver necklace in Dubai (e.g., occasion, outfit, personal style)
  • Tips for selecting a high-quality silver necklace

IV. Caring for Your Silver Necklace in Dubai

  • Proper care and maintenance for silver necklaces
  • Cleaning and storage tips

V. Where to Buy Silver Necklaces in Dubai

  • Popular stores and marketplaces for buying silver necklaces
  • Online options for purchasing silver necklaces

VI. Conclusion

  • Recap of the article's main points
  • Final thoughts on the popularity and versatility of silver necklaces in Dubai.

4 Places To Buy Stunning Silver Necklaces in Dubai (2023)

I. Introduction

Nowhere is silver jewelry more exalted than in the middle east. Despite an abundance of affordable gold, there are a plethora of celebrities who still prefer to rock sterling silver jewelry, even on red carpets!

And it's not just about the affordability, certain things make a silver necklace a coveted socialite piece.

Silver necklaces are a particularly elegant addition to an outfit. Due to their neutral color, they elongate the neck and make the skin glimmer with an otherworldly effect. Silver combines modern and traditional class, and is typically used for more traditional jewelry because its neutral base allows the design and jewels to shine.

Most of all, silver is extremely versatile, great for both modest and bold jewelry.

II. Types of Silver Necklaces in Dubai

Silver necklaces can be categorized based on their general style and fit.


The two basic staple styles are the pendant and the chain.

Silver pendant necklace

This is a silver chain with a focal point laying in the middle- a pendant. The pendant can be another silver piece, a gem, or a variety of different things. The diversity of pendant choices means the necklace can appear more unique, particularly if multiple gems decorate the chain.

A statement necklace is often a type of pendant necklace where the pendants and design elements elaborately adorn the necklace.

Chain Necklace

With a chain necklace, the chain is the focal point. A simple silver chain might be all you need to take an outfit to the next level. While these necklaces are more understated and perfect for casual fits, there are a variety of chain designs that are surprisingly striking.

Cable Chain: This is the most common type of silver chain necklace. Oval cables are interlinked giving a classic feel that goes with just about everything. This chain looks excellent whether thin and dainty, or chunky and bold.

Rope Chain: The design of this necklace resembles a twisted rope. While it might seem like a simple design, the texture and three-dimensional effect caused by the lights bouncing off the silver creates stunning architecture. This is a necklace for those who want simplicity with a little bit extra.

Curb chain: Another popular chain design, the curb chain consists of interlinked circles curved to lie flat on the same plain. Its construction gives it just a little elasticity so it’s less likely to snap than a simple chain, making it more durable. It also has an elegant minimalistic design that complements feminine styles very well.

Anchor Chain: An anchor chain is created similar to the curb chain, but with slightly longer circles that have a horizontal bar in the middle. The bar not only adds dimension to the design but also makes the necklace even more durable.

Wheat chain: This chain is made in a complex twisting pattern of curled figure eights that are all interlinked. Its dynamic architecture is particularly eye-catching and it's the type of necklace that is simple yet makes a statement. The wheat chain is typically the number one recommendation of most jewelers, due to its gorgeous design and strength.


As mentioned, the fit of the necklace is also important in their categorization. Here are the most popular silver necklace fits.

Choker necklace: A choker is essentially a necklace that fits snugly on the neck. In Dubai, the silver choker necklace tends to have more elaborate styling, reminiscent of its culture. Unlike western chokers, which tend to be plain and dainty, Emirati chokers are dotted with gems, intricate filigree work, and meaningful symbols.

Collar Necklace: A collar necklace fits a little lower than a choker, right around the collarbone. These necklaces tend to be simple, everyday accessories and look great with a t-shirt and jeans. You can also wear it with a collared shirt for a pretty, peekaboo effect.

Princess Necklace: This necklace is worn underneath the collarbone and tends to add a delicately feminine note to your outfit. Pair with feminine dresses, gowns, or business casual attire.

Lariat necklace: These necklaces plunge all the way down to your belly button, and are typically made of a long silver chain with adorning pendants. The dramatic nature of the necklace makes it perfect for elaborate styling and statement jewelry. These necklaces can also be stacked with shorter chains, to create a multilayered dazzling effect.

Opera necklace: A matinee necklace goes over the bust but doesn’t quite plunge low enough to a Lariat length. It stops about midway and tends to highlight a decolletage area- which is often further adorned with jewelry or clothes. This necklace is especially loved because it creates a V shape that slims the shoulders and cinches in the waist, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Matinee necklace: This necklace sits right above the bust, between the princess and the opera necklace. This necklace adds elegance to your style, elongating the neck and making you appear effortlessly graceful.

Here are two more design features to look out for when choosing a necklace in Dubai.

Filigree work: This is an intricate traditional Arabic style of weaving designs into the metal. Many silver jewelry in Dubai bears the curved, floral patterns that are synonymous with Emirati culture. It adds more complexity and beauty to a silver chain.

Gemstones: Whether it’s the popular ruby or the rare Labradorite, gemstones are one way to colorize the silver necklace. You should choose gems that match your outfit and overall aesthetic, to create a gorgeously cohesive look.

III. Choosing the Right Silver Necklace in Dubai

To choose the right necklace in Dubai, you must consider different factors.

Occasion: As with most jewelry, consider why you’re getting the necklace and what you need it for. Is this going to be an everyday piece or something you wear once in a while? Choose more classic designs when getting an everyday necklace, but an occasion necklace can make more of a statement. Elaborate and colorful silver jewelry is perfect for traditional or religious festivities, but the latter sometimes calls for more modest designs.

Outfit: An accessory should always complete your outfit and not compete with it. Luckily, silver is versatile jewelry that can go with many things, but be aware of the colors of your gems or other engravings. Try to complement and only employ contrasts carefully- a statement necklace stands out beautifully against a plain background but can also be supported by a congruent design or pattern.

Personal style: Your aesthetic should also be a determinant of what kind of silver necklace you get. Do you like more traditional pieces? Have an eye for classic designs? Style is evolving but you want a piece you will love for a long time. Knowing yourself is key to achieving this.

  • Tips for selecting a high-quality silver necklace

Selecting a quality necklace is in two parts: objective quality and subjective quality.

The objective quality of a silver necklace is linked to its reliability, purity, and resale value. There are three different types of high-purity silver, and of these three, we recommend Sterling Silver or Argentium silver the most. These are the most durable types of silver, and Argentum silver is especially resistant to tarnish and scratches (although it is more expensive than Sterling Silver). In good condition, they have great resale value.

Fine silver is another high-grade silver, but it’s too soft a material and is not as resistant or lustrous as sterling silver. We only recommend this silver for occasional vintage jewelry. Read more about types of silver here.

The other thing to consider is a subjective quality. This means that the piece aligns more closely with your style, values, and purposes. A quality piece is timeless, in a unique yet wearable style that is meaningful to you. Achieving all these qualities usually involves a painstaking selection process of visiting several jewelers and websites.

Luckily we have a few suggestions that can help you simplify your search.

IV. Where to Buy Silver Necklaces in Dubai

The traditional Souks and the Dubai Mall are excellent places to buy jewelry. Check out this article for our list of places where you can find silver jewelry

More notable options are:

Gafla Jewelry: Gafla is an authentic Emirati designer where you can find unique elaborate or simple silver necklaces that make a statement. Their style exudes ancient Arabic elegance and each piece has an exclusive feel. Their silver necklaces are particularly gorgeous *** You can shop for jewelry from Gafla online and in-person.

Sanaa Silver: While there are a plethora of stores in Dubai, we love Sanaa Silver simply for their customer service and dedication to custom-made silver jewelry. Check them out in person and online- their rave reviews tell you everything you need to know.

Tiffany and Co: Tiffany is iconic with generations of classic jewelry for contemporary women. As such, they have a plethora of silver chain necklaces and can be trusted to give you pieces that are modern and stylish. Any iteration of the silver chain and classic Tiffany heart logo is sure to make you feel like a movie star.

  • Online options for purchasing silver necklaces

Hyperbole accessories: While most other jewelers have an online and in-person presence in Dubai, Hyperbole Accessories is purely online. Still, we do recommend them purely simply due to their collection of beautiful, handcrafted silver jewelry. We've seen celebrities love these unique, feminine, and colorful necklaces, so much so that they showed up on a famous Netflix TV Show.

V. Caring for Your Silver Necklace in Dubai

Caring for your necklace is essential to ensure that it keeps its value for a long time. The first step in the maintenance of the silver necklace is proper cleaning.

  1. Clean with mild soap and water. Don’t use harsh chemicals on the silver, as this can cause it to tarnish even more. We also don’t recommend things like toothpaste to get the tarnish off, as this might make it worse instead and chip off the silver.
  2. Buff gently with a soft toothbrush or microfiber cloth to return its original shine.
  3. Hang necklaces on necklace stands, to prevent them from tangling.
  4. Go for regular necklace maintenance appointments.

VI. Conclusion

Regardless of our cultural shift away from the traditional, a silver necklace is one piece of jewelry that stood the test of time. For centuries it has graced upper-class social events, adding some welcome diversity from the popular gold and diamond. Its elegance and versatility are only some of the reasons why silver never fades in popularity. It continues to prove that no matter what period, it's always the star of the show.