Jewellery Care & Maintenance


To ensure that fine jewellery retains its beauty and value as a treasured family heirloom, proper care is essential. As a general guideline, it's advisable to put on jewellery last when getting dressed and remove it first at the end of the day. However, daily exposure to various substances and activities can potentially harm jewellery, such as cosmetics, prolonged sunlight, water, perfumes, and household chemicals. Therefore, it's highly recommended to remove all jewellery before coming into contact with any of these substances.

 To prevent damage, it's best to let skincare products such as makeup, lotions, or oils dry completely before wearing jewellery. Additionally, wearing jewellery during physical activities such as sports, cooking, or gardening is not advised, as sudden impact or knocks can cause damage.

 To maintain the integrity of jewellery, it's important to regularly check the settings and clasps for security. These can become loose over time, resulting in the loss of gemstones or even the entire jewel. If any loose claws or fastenings are noticed, the piece should not be worn, and it should be taken to the nearest jeweller for checking and repair.


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