Occasions Jewellery

I. Introduction

  • Brief explanation of the importance of jewellery in occasions
  • Overview of the different occasions and their corresponding jewellery

II. Occasions and Jewellery A. Weddings

  • Traditional jewellery pieces for brides
  • Contemporary jewellery pieces for bridesmaids
  • Groom's jewellery options
  • Special jewellery for mothers and grandmothers of the couple

B. Engagements

  • Popular engagement ring styles
  • Alternative engagement ring options

C. Birthdays

  • Birthstone jewellery
  • Zodiac sign jewellery

D. Graduations

  • Personalized jewellery with graduation year and degree

E. Anniversaries

  • Traditional anniversary jewellery gifts
  • Modern anniversary jewellery gifts

F. Religious Celebrations

  • Islamic religious jewellery
  • Christian religious jewellery

III. Factors to Consider When Choosing Occasions Jewellery A. Budget B. Occasion Theme C. Personal Style and Preference

IV. Where to Find Occasions Jewellery in Dubai A. Jewellery Stores in Malls B. Traditional Souks C. Online Jewellery Stores

V. Conclusion

  • Recap of the different occasions and their corresponding jewellery
  • Importance of choosing the right jewellery for the occasion.

5 Major Occasions in Dubai and What Jewellery You Need For Them

I. Introduction

Jewellery plays a very vital feature in celebrations in Dubai. In fact, one can even say they play a defining role during the festivities.

Most events aren't just cause for celebration but are rites of passage to be marked with beautiful pieces. Participating in these jewelry exchanges not only displays respect for the culture but also shows your love and care for another person. After all, what is jewelry if not a stunning display of the value we give others in our life?

The type of jewelry given is equally as important. They must match the occasion and tradition of the event.

  • Overview of the different occasions and their corresponding jewelry

II. Occasions and Jewellery

A. Weddings

Weddings are one of the biggest ceremonies where jewelry is given as a sign of love. A key feature of Emirati weddings is how they combine traditional and modern festivities. Even with a white wedding dress, traditional Emirati jewelry pieces still adorn the bride's neck, wrist, and feet. These jewelry pieces are presented to her by quite a few people, including the man who she is to be joined with.

Wedding jewelry often comes in sets, to create a cohesive look throughout.

One of the wedding rites is for the groom's family to gift the bride the dazza, a chest full of precious jewelry, and other wonderful gifts.

During the engagement, the groom also presents the bride with mahr - money or gold that she can use to purchase gold pieces for the wedding.

During a traditional Emirati wedding, the bride must be blinged out in gold and jewels, a glittering sight throughout the event. This display shows that she is both treasured by her family and welcomed by her husband. The jewels are the physical representation of how much love she will receive for the rest of her life.

  • Traditional jewelry pieces for brides

White and gold are the key colors of wedding bridal jewelry in Dubai. The classic bride looks divine in glittering crystals and dazzling gold pieces.

Diamonds are also a common feature of contemporary bridal jewelry pieces. It's one of the most expensive types of jewels, hence elevating the bride's status as well.

Traditional weddings also feature a tassa, a headpiece in which tassels of pearls and glittering jewels fall over the bride’s face. With this, the bride becomes even more of a focal point, an angelic sight that stands apart from everyone else in the crowd.

  • Contemporary jewelry pieces for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids take their cues from the bride. They’re also known to wear gold and crystal jewelry, although their jewelry is less elaborate.

  • Groom's jewelry options

The wedding band isn’t the only piece of jewelry for Emirati grooms. In traditional weddings, the groom typically wears a white kandoora and black bishit, which often features gold trims. This can be further adorned with other gold jewelry like a long pendant, bracelet, or watch.

Gold or silver? In Islamic weddings, silver is halal and both bride and groom wear silver rings. The groom also often wears silver earrings similar (but less showy) to the bride.

  • Special jewelry for mothers and grandmothers of the couple

There is no hard and fast rule for the jewelry of family members. Typically it is classic for mothers and grandmothers of the couple to pass down heirlooms and also look beautiful in gold. Certain jewelry also often identifies important family members. But, as with bridesmaids, they're often more understated than the bride's attire.

B. Engagements

  • Popular engagement ring styles

The diamond engagement ring is iconic, worldwide. The round-cut diamond is the most popular type earning 41% popularity according to one study. Engagement rings are usually the most expensive type of ring, for good reason, because it's often the most expensive promise one can make. A diamond is undefeated, as its beauty is instantly captivating to onlookers. It isn’t a cliche that diamonds are a woman's best friend.

Although, not everyone gets engaged with a diamond ring.

  • Alternative engagement ring options

Gold is also pretty favored amongst Emirati women, both for the wedding band and the engagement ring. The engagement rings are typically varieties of gold like rose gold, which have a soft delicate essence to them, or white gold which appears lighter and glitterier.

C. Birthdays

It’s popular in Dubai to give people meaningful jewelry for birthdays.

One noteworthy gift is to give someone something that represents the time in which they came to earth. There are two different ways one can do this.

  • Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is rings, necklaces, or bracelets that feature your birthstone (representing the month you were born). In Dubai, one can find even the rarest of gems so it's pretty common to see people sporting birthstone jewels. Having birthstone jewelry shows off your individuality, and can be a great conversation starter.

  • Zodiac sign jewelry

Another popular birthday gift is getting statement pieces with the zodiac sign engraved on them. This is particularly popular amongst those who believe in astrology and trust your birth month affects your destiny.

D. Graduations

  • Personalized jewellery with graduation year and degree

Graduation is also a prime occasion to give out jewelry. After all, it's a huge milestone conquered! Graduation jewelry is often handcrafted mementos, that mark one's craft. For example, a newly graduated cardiologist might receive a necklace with a heart engraving.

Graduation jewelry also sometimes has your graduation date engraved on it.

E. Anniversaries

  • Traditional anniversary jewellery gifts

A wedding anniversary is another event where couples present jewelry to each other as a show of love. These are emblems of their ongoing commitment to each other. In Emirati tradition, it is customary to present gold and diamond jewelry for anniversaries.

  • Modern anniversary jewellery gifts

Similarly gold and diamond are also great options for anniversary jewelry. The difference is in the design as traditional Emirati jewelry tends to be more elaborate, with cultural motifs. Modern anniversary gifts have more of a universal appeal with modern symbols. Think heart-shaped necklaces, diamond rings, and more.

F. Religious Celebrations

  • Islamic religious jewelry

The Misbaha (or tasbih) is the most well-known Islamic religious jewelry. These are prayer beads often made of plastic, wood, or occasionally pearls. They aid with the prayer and hold a lot of symbolic value.

Apart from this, Muslims are only permitted to wear jewelry made out of silver, for modesty.

  • Christian religious jewellery

While there is no specific Christian jewelry that must be worn, there are some pieces that remind Christians of their faith. A cross pendant necklace is a great example. Apart from this, it is also popular for Christians to get bible verses engraved on jewelry.

III. Factors to Consider When Choosing Occasions Jewellery

When choosing occasions jewelry, there are three major things to consider.

A. Budget

The first thing to think about is the budget. You can get great quality pieces at different price points, but thinking too big can make you overspend. So deciding your budget can help narrow down your choices.

B. Occasion Theme

The next thing is to make sure that your jewelry choice matches the theme. Going to a wedding? Try to buy gold jewelry to match the occasion. In an Islamic ceremony, go for modest silver and avoid flashy gems.

C. Personal Style and Preference

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider. Ensure that any jewelry you get fits your aesthetic and sends a message about who you are as a person. Jewelry should be an individual expression of beauty so try not to be swayed too much by trends.

IV. Where to Find Occasions Jewellery in Dubai

There are three different places where you can find quality jewelry.

A. Jewellery Stores in Malls

The Dubai Mall features luxury jewelry stores that have high-quality jewelry. Stores like Tiffany and Co, BVLGARI, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton are great places to buy jewelry because they have a worldwide reputation for quality pieces. They also have signature styles, perfect if you have a specific look you're going for. Tiffany and Co are popular for having beautiful diamond bridal jewelry, BVLGARI has bolder, statement pieces and Cartier is known for the classic bangle. If any of these are your style (and money isn't an object) it's a no-brainer to go here.

Beyond this, there are stores at the mall, where you can get pretty and whimsical pieces for affordable prices.

B. Traditional Souks

The Gold Souk is a collection of traditional stores that sell jewelry at an affordable price. It's strategically located in Dubai, a city known for having cheaper gold than almost anywhere else in the world. It's one of the best places to buy bridal gold and other wedding pieces.

C. Online Jewellery Stores

There are a few online jewelry stores where you can get high-quality pieces that match every occasion.


Damas is one of the first online stores in Dubai and they are known for feminine, modern jewelry with a touch of the past. They're a great accessory for weddings and their beautiful floral pieces are also the ideal anniversary gift.


Gafla combines the contemporary with the cultural, featuring bold gold for the traditional wedding, and glittering diamonds for the modern wedding. Their pieces have a notable Emirati flair with their gorgeous cuts. They have unisex jewelry perfect for the bride and groom. These are perfect for weddings and engagements that combine traditional Emirati style with modern elegance.

V. Conclusion

It's vital to pick out the right jewelry for the occasion in Dubai. In festive events, the right jewelry honors traditions and acknowledges generations of those who came before us. It also gives us strength and a sense of cultural pride. If you would rather have staple pieces then it's best to find jewelry that has both traditional and modern flair, so you have pieces with universal appeal.