Silver rings

I. Introduction

Here’s a hot take: the silver ring is the only true competition for gold in Dubai.

While other gems like diamond and pearl are also pretty popular, none of them have the versatility that silver has. Silver is also ideal for religious jewelry as it is permissible in Islam and Christianity. Historically, silver has represented purity and majesty. And there are a few other reasons why people prefer silver jewelry:

  • It pops on cooler skin tones.
  • It goes with just about everything in your closet
  • It's cheaper than gold and can be just as durable.

But to truly understand why the silver ring needs to be part of your collection, we have to dig a bit deeper into their history and why they were so prized.

  • Brief history of silver rings and their significance

The significance of silver cannot be understated. It’s one of the oldest metals known to man and across civilizations and religions, it’s been sacred and highly treasured. And for good reason. Quality silver that shimmers and shines in a unique way that almost holds a divine quality to it.

Royalty sported silver rings daily, and it was one of their distinguishing attires. Silver rings were prized because it adds grace and elegance to the fingers, decorating your every gesture.

II. Types of Silver Rings

  • Different styles and designs of silver rings

There are four different types of silver that you can make jewelry out of. They each have pros and cons, and out of all the four, we recommend Sterling 925 silver the most.

Sterling 925 Silver

This alloy is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, and it is one of the most durable types of silver. It has a shiny luster, is lightweight, and is affordable. While this silver is vulnerable to tarnish, blemishes are relatively easy to get off with a good clean. Sterling silver makes amazing everyday bands and wedding rings too.

Fine Silver

We also have fine silver, which is the purest type (99.9% silver). The color is lighter, an almost white color, but it isn’t as shiny as other types of silver. It is durable though, although it tends to scratch easily. We recommend this silver for special event rings and statement jewelry.

Argentium Silver

Argentium silver contains a similar amount of silver to Sterling, with one key difference. Germanium is added to the mix which makes the jewelry even more durable than sterling silver. Argentium silver makes the most long-lasting silver rings because they are highly resistant to tarnish or scratches. Although they are more expensive than Sterling Silver rings, they're an excellent option if you can afford them.

Britannia Silver

Britannia silver is seen in more antique jewelry. The pieces contain about 95.8% silver alloyed with copper and are softer than sterling silver. Britannia silver was initially used to make coins, but you can find a few jewelry pieces made with this type of silver.

  • Examples of popular silver ring styles in Dubai

A Silver band

A simple band is one of the more minimalistic ring styles. This style is famous for unisex rings, wedding bands, and everyday rings. Bands can sometimes have engravings on them, as with Cartier, and this adds a unique flair to each ring. Their easy design makes these rings ideal for stacking or supporting other jewelry pieces.

Gemstone Silver Rings

The next is the classic gemstone silver ring. These rings typically sport a gem on them. Diamond rings are the most popular gemstone silver rings, and these are ideal for engagements and cocktail rings.

Chain Silver Ring

The chain silver ring is a type of ring where the band is a chain. These are more artistic and their edgy design is great to show off more personality and style.

Statement Ring

A statement ring is any ring that has a unique element that stands out. This can be the band, the gems, or just the elaborate arrangement of it all. Most traditional rings in Dubai are statement rings.

III. Significance of Silver Rings in Dubai Culture

  • Symbolism of silver rings in local culture

What truly sets silver ring apart from other kinds of rings, is their significance in Dubai culture. 62% of Dubai's population are Muslims and silver jewelry is halal. For this reason, silver plays a major role in traditional weddings and engagements, as silver rings are the only type of rings that's permissible for males to wear, which makes them ideal for wedding band jewelry. During religious occasions and other festivities, silver helps create matching jewelry between couples, to show further commitment and affection.

Silver is also a symbol of purity in Dubai. The silver market is booming and their rings have a high resale value. They're an asset that can also make you appear more graceful and refined.

  • The role of silver rings in traditional celebrations and occasions

Silver rings play a significant role in traditional weddings. For those who don’t want to use gold, silver is typically the next best metal. It is durable and sophisticated, with a shimmer that is undoubtedly classy.

IV. Buying Silver Rings in Dubai

  • Overview of where to buy silver rings in Dubai

Here are the top trending silver ring styles in Dubai and where to find them

David Yurman

David Yurman's Albion Petite ring **is a top option for silver rings with its signature twisted cable band. It's a ring for the bold and the beautiful, as it incorporates strength and style in its elaborate design.


Cartier is popular for their silver wedding Love band. With its minimalistic elegant style and symbolic meaning, it's a favorite for couples tying the knot.

Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany and Co. have iconic cocktail rings in sterling silver. Whether it's their popular T-square rings or their more niche styles, it's hard to go wrong with this instant classic.

Gafla Jewelry

Dubai's own Gafla Jewelry also crafts silver jewelry but in an unusual fashion. These pieces take traditional styles and merge them with more contemporary designs to create cutting-edge jewelry that is chic, versatile, and uniquely Emirati.


The Gucci Double G ring is a strong design with a unisex appeal. This is a statement ring that is bold and wearable. It comes with gems like pearl and topaz for a touch of color.

When buying high-quality silver rings ensure that you’re getting them from a trusted source. Shop at reputable stores and brands that are known for quality. Furthermore, always ask to inspect the piece that you’re buying to ensure that it bears a certification stamp.

V. Caring for Silver Rings

  • Tips for maintaining the quality and shine of silver rings

While silver is pretty durable, most varieties are vulnerable to tarnish and can get dirty too.

Here are ways to maintain and restore their shine:

  1. Clean after use by dropping in a solution of water and mild soap. You should clean your ring after every wear so the dirt doesn’t build up. Additionally, make sure you dry it completely before putting it back in its jewelry cloth.

  2. Use a silver polishing cloth to buff off the tarnish. A soft toothbrush can be used for harder stains.

  3. Polish your silver once or twice a year to return its initial shine.

  4. Be careful when using baking soda and toothpaste cleaning 'hacks'. This can cause pieces of silver to chip off.

  5. Store your silver rings in a box with enough space so they don’t scratch against each other.

VI. Conclusion

A silver ring is one of the most diverse rings in the world but it's important to choose wisely. Different designs are perfect for different events and the type of silver matters too. Also remember: there's something a little sacred about silver. Even while modest, silver rings can still transform you and your outfit into old-school royalty.