Unique rings

Everyone truly wants to stand out as their authentic selves. Your style is one thing that speaks before you ever open your mouth, so it’s a great way to showcase your distinct personality right off the bat. This can be done with jewelry pieces that establish you as a unique personality.

When one wears only the latest trends, it can show a lack of personal style or a lack of confidence in your fashion instincts. But sometimes, choosing uncommon outfits can feel like taking too much of a risk too soon. So why not experiment with jewelry instead?

A ring is a great way to explore experimental fashion in an understated way. A ring can be hidden, shown off, slipped on, or off at will.

In the fashion epicenter that is Dubai, a unique ring reflects confidence and a self-assuredness that doesn't waver. But the thing is, you also want a ring that is fashionable and stand-out in a good way. Here are a few ways you can find that underrated special piece, that accentuates your individuality.

II. What makes a ring unique?

Contrary to popular opinion, uniqueness isn’t necessarily the opposite of common. You can get unique rings in even standard materials but in different arrangements and combinations than usual. Consider mixing metals, or crafting unusually stunning designs. Follow these suggestions to find quality rings that are still exceptional.

For rings, we still recommend metals like gold, silver, or platinum, simply for the value they offer. They have high resell value, and when gotten from a trusted jeweler, these rings tend to last for lifetimes. But even with these classic metals, you can customize them with uncommon gems or embellishments.

An example of this is the Gafla coinage rings, which have historic bronze coins set on a beaded gold frame.

Getting rings in these metals also ensures that, regardless of design, the ring will have a familiar beauty. Further decorations on the metallic ring can be entirely dependent on your personal taste. What do you value? Tradition? Individuality? Color? Spirituality? Your preferences will guide your journey to crafting your perfect ring.

You can also fully customize a ring, based on a combination of all the things you want. But ring customization can be a pricey choice, so here's how you can choose ready-made rings that are still unique.

III. Popular unique ring designs in Dubai

Going Traditional: One way to be different with a ready-made ring is to go for traditional styles. A lot of traditional Emirati styles and techniques are getting lost in the rush of globalized trends, and going back in time can be one way to not only stand out but ground yourself in your culture. If this is too archaic, you can find antique designs that adopt modern classic attributes. When it comes to traditional rings with a contemporary edge, designers like Gafla and Damas come to mind.

Filigree Work: Filigree is a type of complex traditional design woven by artisans to create elaborate rings. It’s an Arabic technique dating back to the 8th century, where the intricacy of the patterns blurred the lines between jewelry and pure art.

Colorful gemstones: Color is trendy in Dubai, but how you use color can make you stand out. Choose rings with unconventional gemstones, and contrasting rather than complimenting colors. These can be arranged in eye-catching patterns that create an unforgettable effect.

Statement Shapes: For unique ready-made rings, select statement shapes meaningful to you. Arabic symbols are an excellent choice, but you can also select pieces that act as memorabilia and instigate nostalgia. One example is by buying a coinage ring or taking a special symbol, transforming it into meaningful jewelry.

There are a few local designers and jewelers who specialize in unique ring designs

Gafla Jewelry: As mentioned before, Gafla Jewelry is one brand that uses ancient Emirati techniques to craft unique and stunning rings. While their jewelry is growing in popularity, they're still a relatively underrated designer, with pieces guaranteed to make you stop and take a second look.

Whether a statement ring like the Lantern ring, with its diamond-dotted filigree pattern, or a simpler band like the Salasil ruby ring, each piece is designed painstakingly to be grounded in tradition with modern tastes in mind. Gafla means 'caravan' and their jewelry is like a home for the ancient nomads.

Damas: Damas also possesses unique jewelry. The beauty of Damas Jewelry is that they have pieces with a classic, feminine style yet also have a natural vibe, linking spirituality and culture to jewelry. Damas has a long history of proven value as they have been around since 1907. While they are a popular jewelry brand, you can still find unique designs here by going for niche collections.

Sana Al Maktoum: Sana Al Maktoum is another local designer that combines strength and femininity in unprecedented ways. If you like ethically-sourced jewelry that is simultaneously empowering and ethereal, these are the pieces for you.

Noora Shawqi Jewelry: Noora Shawqi Jewelry are vibrantly colored pieces that reflect the beauty of the scenery around the world. Have you ever wanted jewelry to remind you of the sea? Or your vacation to the Maldives? You can find that here.

IV. Materials used in unique ring designs

Although silver, gold, and platinum are the favorite, other unique materials can be used in jewelry. Some items such as wood have even been used for rings in the past and are now experiencing a resurgence in popularity. There are a few advantages of using unconventional gems over the usual ones.

Titanium: Titanium is an excellent choice for rings, especially if durability is your main concern. Titanium is an extremely enduring metal, resistant to scratches, rusting, and damage in general. Your ring will last forever and look fabulously fresh the entire time you wear it. They’re also budget-friendly and although the charcoal color can be boring to some people, you can customize with gold or colorful gems. They're a particularly great niche option for wedding bands.

Wood: A handcrafted wooden ring can be a beautifully unique addition to your collection. It symbolizes a boho-chic, eco-friendly minimalistic approach to jewelry and so it definitely sets you apart in Dubai (where most jewelry trends are maximalist). It shows a connection with nature and represents a conscientious, deep-thinker.

Unusual Gemstones: Most rings in Dubai employ ruby, pearl, or topaz gemstones. Here are other options that may even be better though underrated.

Amethyst: This gorgeous violet stone gives you the appearance of royalty at a discount. You can typically get high-clarity cuts of Amethyst for a more affordable price than most other gems. While Amethyst is popular amongst certain circles, amethyst rings are still a niche style which makes it unique when used well.

Still, there are drawbacks to this gem. While durable, amethyst can fade if kept in direct sunlight, so don’t wear it while tanning outdoors or when the sun is high. It's also difficult to differentiate a lab-crafted Amethyst from a natural one and so you need to buy from a trusted jeweler to ensure authenticity.

Labradorite: This is one of the most exceptionally colored stones one can find. A dotted constellation of blue, green, and brown (with splashes of purple and red) this stone is gorgeous with dreamy composition. Labradorite comes in a variety of colors too and currently is not manmade as the color combination is too complex to create

Inuits first discovered the gem and believed it fell from the sky and has magical properties. Each Labradorite gem is unique as the color can never be replicated by another gem. Despite their exceptional beauty, you can typically get Labradorite rings for an affordable price.

This gem is durable and can be worn as everyday jewelry. It simply requires regular cleaning with warm water and soap. This makes it a favorite niche ring option.

Agate: This is a very cultural ring that is close to the heart of Dubai. One of the earliest rings in Emirati history was an agate ring, and sporting one presents you as an educated buyer. The Persians used the agate ring as a healing talisman and it has enjoyed a long history of popularity as jewelry since then. They're also a symbol of Arabic culture and pride. For this reason, they're often used for engagement rings.

While they are durable, they are not as durable as diamonds, so care must be taken when wearing these rings.

V. Customization options for unique rings

Here are other ways you can customize your jewelry and make them even more unique.

Mixing metals: This might feel like going against the most basic of fashion rules, which often dictates absolutely under no circumstance are you to mix metals. But rules are meant to be broken, especially when it's done so stylishly.

Mixing different metals can feel like getting the best of both worlds, with the different colors and finishes playing off each other in unprecedented ways. You can mix metals of the same type (e.g yellow gold and white gold) or different types (e.g gold and silver.)

Malabar Gold and Diamonds does the former fabulously with their two-toned and three-toned gold rings. Amrapali conquers the mixed metal trend though, by combining gold, sterling silver, and gems in their Indian-inspired, elaborate rings.

Combining different styles and techniques- You can select jewelers like Gafla and Damas who combine traditional and modern techniques to create stylishly unique jewelry that bears imprints of the past. You can also combine bold designs with minimalist bands to create a stunning contrast. Don't let yourself be limited by arbitrary rules and simply be true to yourself. Remember, everyday rings are where you can take fashion risks easily.

Adding a personal touch like birthstones and engravings: Birthstones are an easy way to personalize jewelry but you can further engrave a piece with your initials or any symbol important to you.

When customizing rings, it’s important to work with a trusted jeweler. Working hand-in-hand with someone who is not only reputable but prioritizes your wishes, makes it more likely you’ll walk away with something that wholly reflects you. Here are a few options for trusted customization jewelers.

Hiba Jaber Jeweler: Build a unique ring from scratch with Hiba Jaber Jeweler.

Tejori: They can customize any piece that you bring to them.

VI. Shopping for unique rings in Dubai

Apart from the shops mentioned above, you can find unique jewelry at any of the traditional Souks. The Gold Souk in particular has a worldwide reputation for excellent jewelry. In many stores, customers buy and sell their older jewelry so it's possible to find an antique for a bargain price.

Dubai is also a city of luxury and any of the luxury designers can provide you with beautiful rings. Our top luxury ring picks are Cartier, Tiffany and Co, and Chanel. When doing this though, ensure that you’re picking pieces that are unique and reflect you. Learn more about designer rings here.

We can't possibly cover all the types of unique rings you can find but here are tips to make it easier to find that ideal ring.

Tip #1 Do your research. There are an endless amount of unique gems, metal combinations, and decor for rings. You might have to dig deeper to find the perfect blend for you.

Tip #2 Try rings on in person when you can. This ensures that you're getting a ring in the right size, and buying an authentic certified piece. Read more about jewelry certification here.

Tip # 3 Only shop online from trusted jewelers. These jewelers will not only provide certification documents where necessary, but they will also help you through the process of buying the ring, by ensuring you get something that fits literally and metaphorically.

VII. Conclusion

One thing to keep in mind: in the same way there are no rules to life, there are no rules to jewelry. It’s ok to flirt with risks and make mistakes when it comes to rings. As long as you're getting something that will bring you lasting happiness. Don't be afraid to take a chance on yourself, and step out in style. There’s nowhere your unique charm will be more appreciated than in Dubai.