Daily Jewels

I. Introduction A. Explanation of the concept of "Daily Jewells" B. Importance of choosing the right jewelry for daily wear C. Brief overview of the article's content

II. Types of Jewelry for Daily Wear A. Rings

Material options Designs suitable for daily wear

B. Necklaces

Material options

Designs suitable for daily wear

C. Earrings

Material options

Designs suitable for daily wear

III. Tips for Choosing Daily Jewelry A. Comfort B. Versatility C. Durability D. Price E. Personal Style

IV. Popular Jewelry Brands in Dubai A. Overview of popular brands in Dubai B. Comparison of brands based on quality and price C. Recommendation for daily wear jewelry brands in Dubai

V. Where to Buy Daily Jewelry in Dubai A. Overview of popular jewelry stores in Dubai B. Comparison of stores based on product range, quality, and price C. Recommendation for the best stores to buy daily jewelry in Dubai

VI. Conclusion A. Recap of the importance of choosing the right jewelry for daily wear B. Final thoughts on the article's content C. Call to action for readers to try out the recommended jewelry brands and stores.

5 Tips For Selecting Daily Jewelry in Dubai/ Where to Buy Your Staple Jewelry in Dubai

I. Introduction

Daily Jewels are simply jewelry pieces that you wear every day. It’s a concept that even the editors at Vogue embrace. Even with thousands of trendy pieces a cycle, it's important to own timeless jewelry that lasts.

The importance of the daily jewel is to have a piece that you don’t have to think about because they tend to go with just about every outfit. They're great for looking stylish every day on the go, with minimal effort. These daily jewels sometimes bear sentimental value as well. As opposed to occasional jewelry, daily jewelry must be versatile and personal.

Sometimes finding that perfect daily jewelry can be a happy accident. You put on an earring one day and realize you’re never taking it off. But other times, selecting this piece can be a thoughtful, painstaking process. Remember, this jewel is going to be your signature, your unique aesthetic. The choice should mark your individuality while still being chic.

Here's how you pick the perfect daily jewel.

II. Types of Jewelry for Daily Wear

A. Rings

Rings are typical daily jewelry because they're easily slipped on and off. They can also be more ornate than other types of daily jewelry because they're not worn at a focal point of the body.

Material for daily wear

Of course, the most popular type of daily ring is the wedding ring which is typically a gold band. Gold is a great option for everyday jewelry due to its versatility, durability, and glowy color. Another popular everyday material is silver which is more affordable and suitable for modest wear.

Designs suitable for daily wear

An everyday ring must be light, with a finished design that does not get in the way of daily activities. This means typically avoiding rings with jagged or open endings that tend to pinch. It also means that any gems on the ring shouldn't be too large. Typically, rings play a role in elongating the fingers, making them appear elegant. Most people prefer a slim-fitting band for this.

Keep in mind here that versatility does not equal plain. The design on the ring can be as elaborate as you want as long as it still fits in with your everyday closet. Any design on the ring should be meaningful to you. It should also be a design that doesn’t go out of style or one that you won’t get sick of easily.

Check out our list of daily jewelry here

B. Necklaces

As with the ring, an everyday necklace must also be light and wearable. Even statement jewelry must be made carefully, with the intent of keeping it for a long time. The best type of everyday necklace is the pendant necklace. They're simple enough to suit most attire and events, yet the pendant can be a distinguishing factor. You can choose a pendant that carries a special meaning like a memento or a birthstone.

A simple chain choker is also a good choice.

Material options

Gold and silver are both great material options for daily necklaces. High-quality gold is incredibly durable and so is sterling silver. Gold tends to suit a warm-toned complexion, while silver is perfect for cooler undertones. A simple chain necklace in either of these metals adds a layer of sophistication to an outfit.

For a pendant necklace, pick pendants in colors that go with your general color scheme. Think pastels, creams, or sand for more versatility. Gems like sapphire or ruby are also a good option here because they're a fun show of personality. Avoid expensive materials like diamonds and platinum for everyday necklaces. These tend to be more flashy and attention-grabbing, which might seem exciting at first but can get old quickly.

Designs suitable for daily wear

C. Earrings

The most famous daily earring is the stud. These are adorned with gems that give the ears their crown. Their minimalist design makes them the ideal accompaniment in business environments. However, their design means they can be both business and party attire depending on how they're worn.

In Dubai, florals also trending expect to find a lot of jewelry featuring jewels in floral motifs. It's not uncommon for women to sport multiple piercings and have different daily jewelry for each one.

Tiny hoops and huggie earrings are also ideal for everyday jewelry. They have a more exotic appeal than the stud and are usually more noticeable. When getting huggie earrings, remember to ensure that the clasp fits well.

Material options

Designs suitable for daily wear

Through the designs, here are a few things to look out for when picking a staple.

III. Tips for Choosing Daily Jewelry

A. Comfort

As mentioned before, you want to pick pieces that are comfortable to wear. The best pieces are so light, they’re unnoticeable. They don’t have any sharp edges or design that causes discomfort. Buy high-quality metals to ensure they don't rust or react with your skin.

B. Versatility

The advantage of getting simple jewelry is that they go with a lot of other elements of your outfit. Get classic, timeless styles to pull together and complete your look. Simple jewelry can sometimes take a backseat while supporting other elements of your outfit, to let the important things shine.

C. Durability

You must get everyday jewelry that is durable. This is the most vital component of everyday jewelry. Remember, this is a piece that you will hopefully wear for a very very long time. You might even pass it down to your daughter at a wedding. So ensure that it is made with high-quality material and stones, even if it cost a little extra.

D. Price

The price is also important here. It's important to attain high-quality products, but you don't have to break the bank for this. In fact, while a quality piece might cost a little more, you don’t want to go overboard by getting the most expensive jewelry you can find. Even with proper care, jewelry is still prone to get lost or broken especially when you’re wearing it every day. Something too expensive would be difficult to replace or fix.

It’s great to find the perfect balance between quality and price. We've listed a few brands that offer this.

E. Personal Style

Although most jewelry is gotten in minimalist styles, personal taste plays a huge factor as well. Dubai loves the bold when it comes to fashion and stand-out colorful jewelry is in vogue. A few people can pull off flashy everyday jewelry and make it look effortless. If this sounds like you, don't be afraid to go for the statement piece, as long as you won't mind wearing it every day.

IV. Popular Jewelry Brands in Dubai

A. Overview of popular brands in Dubai

Dubai has a love for luxury brands, especially when it comes to jewelry. This love is well-earned because brands typically have an eye for quality.

Out of all the luxury brands in Dubai, here are top picks based on the quality and style of their classic pieces

Hermes is currently one of the most exclusive luxury brands in Dubai. They’re known for their sharp, contemporary jewelry designed after key fashion icons in the world. But it’s their signature chain bracelet, the Chaine D'Anre which is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry in the world. Hermes denotes class and quality, and it has done this for years. The Kelly bracelet is a well-known classic everyday luxury accessory. Hermes is also known for having great, personalized customer care to help you take care of your jewels after purchase.


Chanel’s Fine Jewellery collection is another excellent choice for a daily jewel. The Chanel necklaces and classic crystal-encrusted studs are great luxury elements for any outfit. Chanel is a brand that exudes timeless beauty and its pieces are noted for authentic quality.


Chloe is a fixture at the Dubai Mall, which just about everyone in the city visits. It’s a one-stop shop for most everyday jewelry and an excellent place to pick up a nice pearl necklace or earrings that are soft and feminine and modern. The disadvantage is that you're less likely to buy a one-of-a-kind piece this way, but they're one of the most affordable stores for staple jewelry.

Gafla Jewelry

If you’re looking for innovatively structured classic pieces, Gafla is the place to go. They have quality jewelry that is uniquely Emirati and at the perfect intersection between price and value. You can’t go wrong with these as a staple piece, proven by their vast growing popularity all over Dubai.

Here’s a visual comparison of the top brands for daily jewels

Hermes Chanel Chloe Gafla
Quality High quality pieces. Easily last a lifetime. Exclusive. High quality.
Luxurious. High quality with simple classic design. High quality with unique, artistic design
Product range Large variety of classy, exclusive jewelry. Mostly known for fashion jewelry. Have a small collection of fine jewelry. This has the largest product range of all the stores. You can find some of everything. Features the most unique, and stylish pieces.
Price Most expensive of the four, with their signature bracelets going into the tens of thousands of dollars. More affordable than Hermes. Price range from Mid range price. The best value for the jewellry price.

Stores for daily jewels.

There are three major categories of places to shop for classic jewelry.

The classic Gold Souk is a large open market with various stores where you can find Emirati everyday wear, like bangles and giant golden hoops. Everything glitters gold here and it’s the best place to bargain unique jewelry.

Malls are a popular jewelry shopping option too. Here, there is also a large variety of stores, and you can get access to luxury designer wear too. Prices tend to be higher and you may not get unique pieces like at the Gold Souk.

There are also classic stores like Jawhara wholesalers where you can find a large variety of gold and diamond jewelry. Here you'll find simple pieces which you can wear every day for an affordably price.

VI. Conclusion

It's important to carefully select the right staple jewelry pieces simply because, as staples, you're not going to be changing them out often. So the jewelry can't just be something you tolerate...it has to be something you absolutely love. And it also has to be reliable, which is why we've presented stores with the best quality we've seen. Check them out and get quality pieces at a great price point.