SAK Gafla

SAK Gafla

Coins imprint. Memories resonate. Heritage endures. Transforming iconic coinage into timeless treasures bridging past and present through meticulous craftsmanship and design. Sak Gafla invites you to intertwine your own stories with symbols of the UAE.

      Discover the Sak Collection: Coins of Connection, Echoes of Legacy

      Immerse in the Sak Collection, a tribute to UAE's coins that resonate with history and stories. Crafted in 18 karat gold, each piece embodies national pride, cultural legacy, and the enduring bond between coins and memories. From the One Fils coin's palm tree symbolizing sustenance to the Five Fils coin's call for cleaner seas, these coins encapsulate our nation's essence. Framed in brushed gold with intricate details, this collection bridges heritage with contemporary design. As coins bridge eras, so does this collection carry the impressions of our ancestors. Each piece stands as a testament to our identity, heritage, and values—preserving history with pride and purpose. Discover the Sak Collection's profound connection and embrace the power of memory and connection.

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