Gafla Collections

Discover the collections that have come to define Gafla.


The Salasil collection evokes continuous unbroken connections between people and places. The bonds we build are complete and eternally linked together. Salasil strengthens these bonds, bringing you closer together, reflecting eternity, with no beginning or end.


Playing with light and reflection, the Thumani collection interprets the central role of geometry within Islamic Art. Universally recognised as a symbol of unity, the symmetrical design of the jewels is encapsulated in gold and diamonds.


Lying at the heart of the Gulf’s heritage, the Bahar collection pays homage to the sea and its natural treasures. The jewels centre on the “Queen of Gems” with their radiant pearls, alongside stunning corals in fluid and elegant designs.


Invoking the fragrant trails of burning oud wood, the Merwad collection is inspired by the traditional Arabian perfume wand. Used to encase mesmerising scents for centuries, each jewel embodies the curving shape of the perfume’s bottle in warm gold with precious gems and diamond drops.