Definition of Anklet

      Anklets are one of the most maligned pieces of jewelry, but they're making a well-deserved comeback in the fashion world. And for good reason- they're an invaluable accessory. Just like a bracelet infuses grace into your arm gestures, anklets do that for the feet. Though subtle, their effect becomes more apparent with movement and often gives a delightfully unexpected and personal touch of style to your feet.

      Paired with a stiletto or a pair of sandals, they give a fun hint of 'drama' to our footwear. More practically, anklets also inevitably train you to walk lighter and more gracefully lending poise as well as style.

      Anklets have always been a vital part of African and Asian cultures. But now, this fashion craze is becoming a global phenomenon although today's buyers would still be well ahead of the trend.

      Brief history of Anklet

      Anklets have a pretty rich history, having been worn for over 8,000 years across African and Asian cultures. In Egypt, they were ornamental status symbols, with the more precious metals going to royalty. In India, newlyweds often wear Payal on their right leg, to show that they are no longer single. Unmarried women wear anklets too, but they're in simpler styles, unadorned with jewels to show modesty.

      Certain East Asian cultures have a similar rite, with married women wearing a pathilu, which is an anklet attached to a toe ring by a decorated string. Traditionally, where the anklet is worn is also pretty significant- Indian married women wear their anklets on the right ankle to show their married status. Other cultures wear their anklets on the left ankle as a talisman to ward off evil spirits.

      Significance of Anklet in Dubai

      In the UAE, anklets are frequently worn for beautification purposes. Contrary to most other jewelry in Dubai, anklets are usually preferred in modest styling with simplicity being the key. Because of their inherently intimate nature, anklets are gotten in more modest styles so as not to attract the wrong kind of attention. Here's a list of the best types of anklets to purchase in Dubai.

      Types of Anklets in Dubai

      There are two major categories of anklets you'll find in Dubai. The first is the traditional anklet.

      Traditional Anklets

      Traditional anklets in Dubai are often renditions of the Indian Payal, a very intricate style of chain anklet which sits around the ankle. They can be made from a variety of materials but are usually noted for their elaborate design with bells and gems that make a noticeable sound when you move.

      Historically, Payals were made of silver, but in Dubai, you can find them in a variety of materials. Gold is a favorite material for jewelry in Dubai due to its indisputable status as the king of metals. However for a more understated look, silver is the way to go.

      The chain on the payal anklet is also further adorned with other gems and stones and can go through a process known as meenakari where the silver is colored. The idea is to create unique work of art that adorns the feet of the precious bride.

      While payals are great jewelry for festive events, modern anklets are still preferred for everyday use. They aren’t as attention-grabbing and aren't meant to compete with your outfit. They act as more of a subtle hint of personality.

      Chain Anklet

      The most common type of anklet is the chain anklet. Like the bracelet, it’s typically a golden or silver chain with a simple design, occasionally featuring a few pendants or gems. Their simplicity also means these anklets are incredibly versatile, able to be dressed up or down depending on the material.

      Something to note here is that a good chain anklet is not plain or devoid of style. Rather they have a cool sophistication that makes them a true classic that outlasts seasons.

      Studded Anklet

      If you're looking for a little extra dazzle, try the studded anklets. This is a type of chain anklet that is studded with precious gems, which give your feet the extra sparkle to complete a more glamorous look.

      The anklet studs can come in a variety of metals but a diamond-studded anklet is the ultimate star of the show.

      Woven anklet

      Woven anklets are also a type of anklet that uses fabric rather than metal. This is a newer type of anklet, more popular with teenagers, and is a welcome innovation in the anklet world. It represents a more free-spirited and creative outlook and instantly marks the visionary woman.

      Beaded anklets

      A beaded anklet is how it sounds- beads on a string around your ankle. These can be as colorful or subdued as you want, so they can be a versatile accessory. The beaded anklet tends to command more attention than the chain anklet, but like the woven anklet, they're a great way to show off even more personality.

      (Tip: They also look great with flats.)

      Barefoot anklet

      These are anklet shaped like footwear, weaving beautifully over the top of the foot and around the ankles to resemble a sandal. They are typically attached to toe rings and worn barefoot, aesthetically framing the feet. They're popular during festivals and are the ideal footwear for a traditional beach wedding.

      How to Choose the Right Anklet


      As mentioned, the most common material for anklets is silver and gold.

      Gold stands out against the skin more than silver, so it is usually worn to be more noticeable.

      While silver is the more subtle material, it by no means makes you a plain Jane. In fact, there is beauty in its modesty, giving one a cultured look brimming with unquestionable confidence while still maintaining a delicate elegance.

      Design and Style

      Different anklet designs suit different events. Chain anklets go well with everyday effortless looks. Get a studded anklet for extra glitz for the night party. Woven and beaded anklets are more suited for flowy, simple wear as they tend to be the attention-grabbing element. A barefoot anklet looks best with traditional wear.

      Size and Fit

      It's important to get the right anklet size when purchasing a piece and for that, you must first consider where the anklet sits. Do you want it below or above the ankle bone? For a precise fit take your tape measure and wrap it around the spot where you want your anklet to be. Add 1/4 inch to the measurement for a tighter fit and 1/2 inch for a looser fitting anklet.

      Style-wise, it's also important to think about what size of an anklet you want. Anklets have a very slimming effect on the ankle and foot but an anklet that's too big can be heavy to carry around. Instead of getting a larger anklet, consider layering with several smaller anklets.

      How to Style an Anklet

      With Traditional Outfits

      Payal is an easy anklet to add culture to any outfit. It's especially important to wear them with traditional wear as they complete the look pretty well. Consider Payals in unique styles that show off heritage. Stores like Gafla Jewellers have these in spades.

      With Modern Outfits

      A chain anklet is a new fresh contemporary accessory for modern attire. Even with a suit, it’s a way to add some femininity, personality, and sass to an outfit. A studded anklet also goes great with a stiletto. Beaded, charming, and woven anklets go great with flowy, casual outfits.

      With Beachwear

      With beach wear, consider non-metallic anklets (such as woven or beaded anklets) This is because metals can react with sea salt. If you must wear metal, ensure that it is of high grade (18 karats or more) so it is less likely to react.

      Best Places to Buy Anklets in Dubai

      Traditional Markets

      The Gold Souk is a famous traditional market where you can find various beautiful anklets at an affordable prices. Here, you can get great deals for some unique pieces if you know what you're looking for (and how to bargain right).

      But, before you visit the Gold Souk, you need to do your homework.

      Make sure you know the true value of what you’re buying and ask around for the best stores. Do intensive research on the price of gold and always inspect a piece before you buy it. Visiting a Gold Souk is a time-intensive process, but it's usually worth it in the end.

      Modern Boutiques

      You can save yourself the haggling hassle by purchasing bracelets from some modern boutiques. You can find luxury anklets from stores at the Dubai Mall. But if you want high-quality anklets without the price tag, we recommend stores Gafla who specializes in excellent, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is versatile and sophisticated. Their new line of anklets is a combination of feminity and strength. Damas is also a great store to get uniquely Emirati pieces that are beautiful and simple. These boutiques also have an online store where you can get these pieces from the comfort of your own home.

      Online Stores

      Online stores are a convenient option for the busy buyer. PRYA FK Jewelers are more popular online stores. When buying online it's important to buy from a store you can trust. It's equally as important to know your ankle size so you can get it in the right size.

      Caring for Your Anklet

      Caring for your anklet is dependent on the material.

      The problem with owning some silver jewelry is that they tend to oxidize over time and turn black. There are a few ways to restore your anklet to its original gleam like dipping it in water and cornflour. Coat the silver jewelry in any of these solutions and then when the coating is completely dry, wipe it off to reveal shiny gleaming jewelry.

      Quality gold tends to be more low maintenance. It only needs cleaning with water and mild soap. Even though these steps are unneeded for gold jewelry you still need to handle them with care. Don’t scuff or handle it roughly. Store in need to handle with care.


      Anklets are the defining accessory for the feet, communicating a fun, charming elegance. While they are quickly becoming a trendy item, they’re still underrated in many ways, partly due to their subtlety. Stay unique by sporting this jewellery, and flaunt beauty from the top to bottom.

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