Gold earrings

I. Introduction

  • Briefly introduce the topic of gold earrings
  • Highlight the importance of gold earrings as a fashion accessory
  • Mention how gold earrings are popular in Dubai

II. Different types of gold earrings

  • Discuss the various styles and designs of gold earrings available
  • Explain the difference between gold types: 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k
  • Provide some examples of popular gold earring designs in Dubai

III. Factors to consider when buying gold earrings

  • Discuss the importance of understanding the quality of gold
  • Highlight the factors that affect the price of gold earrings
  • Mention factors such as purity, weight, and design

IV. Caring for gold earrings

  • Explain how to properly care for gold earrings
  • Provide tips for cleaning and storing gold earrings
  • Mention common mistakes people make when caring for gold earrings

V. Buying gold earrings in Dubai

  • Highlight the various places to buy gold earrings in Dubai
  • Discuss the pros and cons of buying gold earrings in different locations
  • Mention tips for negotiating prices and avoiding scams

VI. Conclusion

  • Summarize the key points of the article
  • Highlight the importance of buying high-quality gold earrings
  • Encourage readers to consider gold earrings as a valuable investment

9 Top Recommendations For Earrings in Dubai in 2023

It's amazing how a little golden bling on your ears can transform your entire face. Earrings frame and enhance different elements of your face shape, from amazing cheekbones to a delicately pointed chin. It's why they were one of the most loved jewelry among the aristocrats, favored even when the church attempted to throw it out of fashion.

Gold further elevates the beauty and status of the earring by adding color and dimension to its shine.

In Dubai, gold earrings are a vital fashion accessory. They visit every red carpet, wedding, and social outing. Sometimes, multiple golden earrings adorn the ear at the same time, instantly glittering up the room. There are different styles of earrings, and they serve different purposes, pairing well with certain outfits.

II. Different types of gold earrings

Stud earring: A gold stud earring shows off as a twinkle of gold on the earlobe. A stud doesn't hang and simply sits on the earlobe, secured by the stopper behind the ear. Studs are known for their simplicity and typically sport lightweight designs, which make these earrings best for everyday casual and work wear. Its simplicity makes it ideal for wearing on multiple piercings, and it can provide support to a more elaborate piece.

Nevertheless, some studs are made with such intricate detailing that they can also double as statement earrings. An example is Gafla Jewelry's Lantern earrings, whose ornate design made them an instant bestseller of the season.

Keep reading for more recommendations for studs and other golden earrings.

Hoop earrings: Hoops are one of the classic styles that add symmetry to your face. They were first created by ancient Nubians and the unbroken circle represented infinite unity and strength. In the same way, hoops can strengthen just about any outfit, making them one of the more versatile types of earrings.

Huggie earrings: These are smaller hoops, meant to cup the earlobes delicately. Though small, these earrings can pack a punch in style and are lightweight enough to wear every day. We prefer to pair these earrings with long sundresses, gowns, and feminine wear. They look great when combined with studs or hoops as these earrings tend to sit higher on the earlobe. Pairing them with drop earrings can also create a lovely balance on the ear.

Drop earrings: Drop earrings typically feature a gem or design element hanging down from a point on the earlobe. This elongates your face and draws the eyes down to a graceful neck and pointed chin. Drop earrings are typically paired with more elegant clothes. Think cocktail or black-tie events.

Dangle earrings: Like drop earrings, this style exudes class. They're crafted similarly too, but drop earrings have a thicker design element, while, dangle earrings usually consist of a longer chain and thinner design element. Most often, the chain that extends from the ear lobe is the only design element. This style works perfectly with nighttime formal wear, like a ball gown.

Apart from these styles, earrings can be separated into two more classifications: modern and traditional. Modern earrings pretty much follow contemporary fashion and are easily classified into any of the above styles mentioned.

Traditional gold earrings, however, typically come in very elaborate designs and can be a combination of styles.

Like the traditional jhumka earring, which appears to be a brilliant combination of stud, hoop, and drop earrings. These earrings also carry symbolism and cultural meaning, which makes traditional golden earrings excellent for statement pieces and cultural wear.

Color and Quality of the Gold Earring

Another thing to consider when selecting earrings is the color and quality of gold to use.


Yellow Gold- This is either pure gold, or gold alloyed with sterling silver, copper, and zinc. The combination still manages to maintain the sunny glow of the pure gold earrings.

White Gold- This is gold alloyed with nickel or palladium and zinc. The white color resembles platinum but it is gotten from rhodium plating. Fortifying the gold with these alloys makes it more durable but it is not as durable as platinum earrings.

Rose Gold- This is gold mixed with a copper alloy. The soft pink color adds a gorgeously feminine touch and presents the earring with added durability.

Quality of Gold

24 K

This is the purest type of gold you can find (99% gold). Unfortunately, gold of this purity is too soft and that makes it difficult for it to be formed into jewelry. You will find a few earrings made with this quality gold, but that does not mean that it's the best choice. Pure gold earrings are easy to tarnish and scratch, so you need to be extremely careful when you own one of these earrings. Only get pieces in 24 K gold if you intend to wear them solely on rare occasions, or if they're amazing one-of-a-kind pieces.

22 K

This is slightly more durable than 24 K gold, but it is still not as durable as other forms of gold. It’s made up of 92% gold and 8% alloys. These earrings are incredibly valuable and durable but tend to be heavier

as a result. Still, be prepared to treat these earrings with soft and gentle care.


This is the most popular type of gold earrings, and it is made up of 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals. We recommend this quality gold for most jewelry as it is more affordable and more durable than 22K gold. It's still incredibly valuable and contains a high amount of gold, but it is more enduring than the previous qualities. It has a deeper yellow color as well, which adds a lovely richness to the earring.


This has less gold than 18K gold, with 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy. It's one of the most durable forms of gold and this is recommended for most everyday earrings.

Recommendations for earrings in Dubai

Overall, here are our top recommendations for earrings in Dubai.

Stud Earring:

Bvlagari has a classic stud with its bold recognizable logo.

We also love the Chanel Double C stud but our top stud recommendation is Gafla's lantern earrings. This design resembles a blossoming flower, set with dazzling diamonds that combine nature and art to create meaningful jewelry. This earring proves that simplicity doesn't have to be boring. In fact, the best thing this earring does is reflect light to draw out your beauty.

Hoop Earring:

Bottega Venetta has an endless array of hoop earrings with unique architecture and shapes. Their dynamic designs play off different shapes and sizes, which sets them apart from many other designers. Their only drawback is that these are gold-plated jewelry rather than real gold, but this also makes it cheaper.

For smaller hoop earrings, Chanel’s quilted hoops offer an amazing, timeless style. B Zero is a more classic hoop given by Bvlgari.

Dangle Earrings:

Our top pick for dangle earrings is Damas’ Lace Golden Charm Dangle Earrings. Its excellent dramatic designs involve multiple dimensions of stylish construction and its soft movement imbues grace and elegance in every sway.

Drop Earrings:

For a drop earring, we select the Bvlgari Dream earrings. They feature a bold design and a green malachite gem. Malachites are known for their luster, durability, and healing properties. The shape of the earrings is also unique- a curved triangle that complements sharp cheekbones but also elongates the face.

Gafla Chandelier earrings are also a more elaborate type of drop earring and appear to be crafted for royalty itself. The earrings give off ancient Emirati royalty, with unique symbols and craftsmanship.

III. Factors to consider when buying gold earrings

The price: The price of the ring usually depends on the quality of the gold, and its weight. While the most expensive gold may not necessarily be the best suited for you, it's important to set your budget according to your expectations. Also consider the intent of the ring, and how long you want it to last.

The design: Price can also be dependent on the design. Typically, elaborate handcrafted pieces tend to be more expensive, simply due to the time and effort it takes to make them. Designer earrings are also more expensive because you're paying, in part, for the prestige.

The place: While you can get beautiful gold earrings from a variety of locations, it's important to ensure you’re getting them from a reputable source. It's best to buy from stores that have a physical presence and have their pieces authenticated by an independent agency. Additionally, check out reviews and articles if possible.

IV. Caring for gold earrings

Here are some common mistakes people make when they own gold earrings

  1. Mistake #1: Using harsh chemicals to clean them. This is unnecessary most of the time and can also be harmful to the metal. Instead, you can soak them in water with a little bit of mild dish soap for five minutes. Then rinse, wipe off, and store.
  2. Mistake #2: Spraying perfumes directly on the earrings. Although real gold doesn’t rust, the chemicals in the perfume can cause the other alloyed metals to react. Allow your lotion and perfume dry on your skin before putting on any jewelry.
  3. Mistake #3: Throwing away your earrings when they're damaged. This is a huge waste of money. What to do instead is to take it back to the jeweler to see if the earring can be fixed or replaced. This is also why it's important to buy from a trusted jeweler and craft a great business relationship with them.
  4. Mistake #4: Tossing the earrings in a small drawer or box with other jewelry. The earrings can get scratched this way. Instead, place them in a storage area where they have ample space.

V. Buying gold earrings in Dubai

Amongst all the jewelers mentioned above, here are our top picks for jewelry stores in Dubai.

Gafla Jewelry: As our top Pick for avant-garde jewelry, Gafla gives a combination of modern and traditional design. Go here if you want contemporary pieces with an Emirati flair.

Chanel: This is our topic pick for designer fine jewelry. Although it was initially known for fashion jewelry, its fine jewelry collection is quickly carving a name for itself for quality and affordability. You will find modern timeless pieces here.

Damas: Damas boasts over a century of providing beautiful jewelry. Their pieces emphasize soft femininity and a connection to nature. Find lovely everyday earrings here

Gold Souk: This is a market in Dubai with countless stores, all selling affordable gold jewelry. While the Gold Souk is great for affordable earrings, it's important to do your research before you go and ensure you're buying from trusted sources. Educate yourself on the cost of gold and take into account the intricacy of the design. Shopping at the Gold Souk can be a time-costly affair so only pick this option when you have some free time.

VI. Conclusion

One way or another, gold earrings are a great investment to make in yourself. Whether it's to elevate your style or to simply keep as a family heirloom, this is an asset that will never lose value...literally. A gold earring was and remains a symbol of power and class, but it's important to choose wisely. There are just so many buying options, it can be easy to get led astray. But with the recommendations above, you'll find pieces that make you look and feel like royalty.