Gold rings

In Dubai, all that glitters is usually gold. In the shimmering city of jewels, gold remains King and it can usually be found at affordable prices. This is why it's common to see even 22-carat gold rings sported around as daily wear.

Rngs are the defining jewelry of the fingers, elongating and accentuating your gestures. But there are a few more reasons why a gold ring stands out a head above the rest.

First of all, the gold ring is one of the defining pieces of jewelry in Dubai. Gold rings have both traditional and contemporary significance, giving them versatility as a staple. People wear gold rings to show off fragments of their culture, however subtle. They're also used to add a little dazzle to structured fits, which makes them perfect for corporate wear. This means that no matter your reason for wearing it, a gold ring is generally a well-respected jewelry piece. As long as it's the ring for the right occasion.

II. Different types of gold rings

A ring typically has two elements- the band and the gem. A gold ring band is made out of a variety of gold and the design can be either elaborate or simple. One or multiple gems may adorn the band acting as the decoration for the ring.

The top trending ring designs in Dubai are floral patterned rings, rings with colorful gems, and rings with thick bands.

There are two classes of gold ring designs in Dubai.

A. Traditional gold rings

Traditional gold rings are more elaborately designed than contemporary ones. Historically, these rings were crafted by artisans and each design held meaning. Now there are only a few places where you can find these types of traditional jewelry in Dubai. The Gold Souk has a variety of stores that feature these styles and once in a while, you find a great gem for a fantastic price.

B. Contemporary gold rings

Contemporary gold rings have a more minimalist modern style. They typically feature slimmer gold bands that are adorned with gems or other modern designs.

The chain ring is a pretty popular contemporary ring, but people often choose a simple band for versatility. Cartier has a classic gold band, with signature engravings to mark a stylish outfit.

Bvlgari is also pretty popular for its bolder gold rings stamped with colorful gems. These are excellent statement pieces although, they are still typically less intricate than a traditional band.

C. Custom-made gold rings

Only a few jewelers offer custom-made rings. Custom rings are amazing because they offer a more personal touch to jewelry. You make a piece that suits you exactly and has all the elements of a ring that you want.

Some jewelers even allow you to turn family heirlooms or lucky coins into custom-made gold rings.

III. Buying a gold ring in Dubai

A. Where to buy a gold ring

You must first consider the type of ring you want to buy before deciding where you’re buying it. Each store and location has advantages and disadvantages but an ideal option depends on a few factors:

Price: Of course, price is one of the biggest determinants when buying a ring. It’s usually okay to splurge when buying a wedding band or an engagement ring, but everyday jewelry should be high-quality pieces without being too expensive. That means you should probably avoid big elaborate pieces and go for more versatile designs.

User Experience: One advantage of in-person stores (compared to solely online stores) is continued business relations. It’s great being able to go get a piece cleaned, fixed, or even discussed. A hands-on salesperson now has an idea about your style and can even recommend pieces to you. This excellent customer service is one thing we value in all the stores we've recommended.

Style: Are you going for something more traditional or do you want a modern piece? Do you want a combination of the two? Do you like bold pieces or are you on the hunt for something more minimalist? Having a clear picture of the type of gold ring you want helps you narrow down the places to shop for them.

Value: It goes without saying that you should only shop at reputable stores that have their quality vetted by independent organizations. When spending a lot of money on a piece, price is not always a determinant of value, but the weight of the stone can mean everything.

Where to buy gold rings

Apart from the designers mentioned above, here are a few more places known for Gold rings:

Gafla Jewelry: Gafla is the premium location for the best custom-made jewelry. With one of their collections, they invited shoppers to bring in unique Vintage Emirati coins, which their artisans then transformed into stunning, regal jewelry. Their artisans worked closely with the client to craft a piece that was meaningful, chic, and brought nostalgia to life.

Other than this, Gafla also has jewelry that combines traditional Emirati styles with unique futuristic geometry to create artistic but wearable pieces. Look at their Merwaad rings or the yellow gold tassel ring for gorgeous statement pieces with a cultural flair.

Jawhara Jewelry: Jawhara is also a great place to buy traditional Emirati-style gold rings. Here you can find classic styles with gems set on a simple or elaborate band.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds has a wide range of rings in all varieties of gold. Want a rose gold band with a pink diamond gem? This is one of their popular designs. Their rings also boast a cultural significance with creative arrangements of the gems into unique patterns and symbols.

B. What to consider before buying a gold ring

Here are a few factors to consider when buying a gold ring

Color and Weight- There are several variations of gold in color and weight. Picking the ideal color and weight for you is the start of choosing the perfect gold ring. Yellow is the classic color of gold, but rose gold is gaining popularity due to its romantic nature. And while 22K gold is the highest purity of gold, this also makes it more expensive (so 18K might be better for everyday wear). This brings us to our second point.

Price: While gold is cheaper in Dubai than in most other places, buying a gold ring can still be a costly process. Set a budget, and decide how much you're willing to spend for a quality piece. This helps you decide where to shop and what type of ring to buy.

Purpose: You also have to think about why you're buying the ring. Is it a wedding ring? Do you want it for a few nighttime events? Or is it an everyday ring you want to carry around with you forever? The 'why' of the ring is one of the most important factors to consider, as it helps you decide on the price, style, and weight of the ring you want to buy. An expensive, heavy ring is not great for everyday jewelry but might be exactly what you need for an exquisite statement on a night out.

Value: When buying a ring, it's important to also consider the resell value. Is this a ring that is going to appreciate, or depreciate with time? Is it in an iconic style? Is it authentic gold? Ensure you're getting authentic, certified gold because this is one determinant of the value of the ring.

C. How to ensure authenticity

Authenticity: To ensure authenticity, follow the following steps

  1. Make sure you're buying your gold from a reputable store or brand.
  2. Go in person to size the ring if you can. This helps you inspect the ring before purchase.
  3. Most gold jewelry has engravings of their certification on them. Once in the store, ask to inspect the ring under a magnifying glass to see if the engraving is there.

IV. Caring for your gold ring

Gold rings are an excellent choice for staple jewelry because of their durability. We recommend choosing 18 Karats or higher, to get rings that are long-lasting and retain their value. Here are some other steps to maintain your gold ring well:

A. Proper storage

Store your ring in a box or space where there is ample space so the rings don't scratch against each other. Use a jewelry bag if necessary.

B. Regular cleaning

Clean your rings after every use. Less is more when cleaning gold rings. Just soak in warm water and mild soap for some time, and then wipe dry after cleaning.

C. Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance of your gold rings is also important. The best part about maintaining a great business relationship with your jeweler is being able to get your gems fixed in case they break off or fall.

V. Top 5 gold ring designs in Dubai

Here are the top 5 gold ring designs in Dubai.

Tiffany T-Square in Yellow Gold ($1900/6978 AED): This is a simple iconic, gold ring that is perfect for everyday wear. Tiffany and Co rings are ideal in their versatility and they can pair up with different styles.

Valentine Rock Stud Ring ($350/1359 AED): A gold band with unique architecture and a stand-out geometric design. This is a Unisex ring that rocks a strong design, with lights bouncing off the gold and creating a multilayered effect. This is perfect for a work ring.

Merwad Gafla Coil Ring in Rose Gold ( $2300/8450AED): This ring feels like a system hack because it somehow combines a classic everyday ring look with a stand-out bold design. The curved band rolling into itself, the dip that is tied together by brilliant cut diamonds...this ring does everything all at once and it succeeds at it. It's a stunning ring that will stand out at an event, yet also complements a casual outfit. There is a reason this is our stand-out design for the season. ( For a more affordable alternative, look into the Merwada Wand Ring.)

Liali Diamond Ring in 18k Rose Gold ($1221/4500 AED): Liali Jewelry makes engagement rings at an affordable price. The rings are stylishly simple but feature all the gorgeous accouterments too.

For more wedding ring options, check out this article (hyperlink to occasions article).

Chanel Coco Crush Ring with Diamond ($3700/13,633 AED): This quilted ring from Chanel's most recent collection is trending in Dubai, particularly amongst the younger generation. Its woven design creates a unique band. The ring is further dotted with diamonds to add extra sparkle. (A more affordable variation is the Chanel Coco Crush Ring)

VI. Conclusion

The gold ring is an uncontested style symbol. They're the best decorations for your fingers, and buying a unique gold ring is simple with these proven steps. Get a piece that is stylish and reflects your inner beauty with any of these recommended stores.